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Anxiety post surgery and Birth Control

So, I have been attempting to induce lactation because of my impending adoption. I wanted so badly to breastfeed this new baby like i did my biological son 10 years ago. Regiment requires wearing a birht control patch constantly (instead of 3 weeks on, 1 week off). I've been doing that for 5 weeks.

I have had a few anxiety attacks out of nowhere since - for no reason whatsoever.

This past Tue I went in for an orthroscopic knee repair on my right knee. This is the second on that knee - my third total. I had a panick attack in the prep area - mild -w hen they took my glasses and put the oxygen in my nose - it just triggered something. But they assured me I'd soon get some meds that would make me relaxed to prep me for surgery . They did and it did.

Post surgery I was good. Went home, took my prescribed hydrocodone (2 every 4 to 6 hours). Next day, woke up.. took 2 more (wnated to before hte pain would kick in).

Well.. about an ahour or so later I had a massive panic attack. I didn't like the "feeling" the codone was having - and it triggered a massive anxiety panick attack. I couldn't sit down (although I shouldn't have been walking much) which made it worse, I was hot.. I was just a mess. It eventually calmed some, but ever since then I have been having major panick attacks.

I removed the patch on Wed because I am pretty sure that the hormones were contributing. I had anxiety while pregnant and post partum. I later confirmed with my doctor and she said that it is most likely that and that the drugs from the surgery excacerbated the anxiety I was getting from t he hormone levels.

i'm a little better - but I'm still having these crazy attacks. over nothing.. my stomache gets in knots and I feel an urge to just run or move like Ive got to get up. I have a headache as a result of the constant tension. And it's stupid thoughts that trigger it - which make me think I'm crazy. Like, I was sitting thinking about what I was going to make for dinner and hte thought of food just set me off in this weird anxiety.. like WHY?

Am I crazy - why are such stupid thoughts I know are irrational making me feel this way and HOW do you make it stop. It's dumb things like - oh I have to go do my knee excercises now - or what am I giong to eat for dinner - do I have anything - will I like it- is it dry? WTH!!!!

Doc said if not better by monday I should go to my general doc and get something to help me... but I am really just so freaked out. I want to cry .. I want to scream. I feel like I'm nuts.. I think I'm actually having anxiety about a possible anxiety attack which is causing more anxiety -

How to make it stop!

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Hi there, your not crazy! You've got a lot going on at the moment!! Hormones!! Well I think most of us females know what they do to us when they're playing up.what with those and the after effects of the operation it sounds like your mind is flitting constantly from one thing to another causing your anxiety. I do understand because I recently had an op and I was the same. I was quite erratic at times. So no your not mad!! It will pass. I find it helps me to distract myself!! I know your limited with your knee op but try keep busy. I hope you feel better soon! Your not alone and your not mad!! Take care x


I was starting to feel good. Actually was happy yesterday because by the afternoon I felt back to my normal self. Regular thoughts like what to cook for dinner or thinking about things the next day didn't cause me anxiety. I did have a faint dull headache and still do.

I was up late last night just watching tv. I just wasn't that sleepy. Went to grow at around 2 am again feeling normal. Woken up at 5 am with a jolt and felt a little anxious. Got out of bed, walked around the was able to settle down and sleep till about 8 am.

But the normal I felt yesterday...not anymore. Now sptupid thoughts like the fact that I have nothing i need to do today gives me anxiety. Like I wonder if I fear if I don't keep my mind occupied I'll have these thoughts that will create anxiety. And it's like I'm constantly fighting myself to not get to anxious. My head still has that dull headache despite the fact that I took two aspirin that I need to take twice a day because of the surgery . At the saw me time , I'm tired.

I'm hoping this afternoon a change of scenery will help. For some reason bring in my house I love and thinking I'll be here all day is making me feel anxious. And that's just freaking stupid because I love my home .

Why do I feel normal than flip back to feeling this craziness? Is it my hormones just trying to even out and does it fluctuate times of the day? I just worry that I've suddenly developed some disorder I never had before and won't be back to my normal carefree self. Im really not the anxious type. Im usually go with the flow.

And this is just depressing me. I think. I'll go to the doc tomorrow but afraid that if he gives me some drugs it will just makes it worse by throwing me off even more,

Is this headache hormonal or just a result of the tension from the anxiety...although it was going on when I wasn't feeling anxious yesterday afternoon.


I love being in my home too! It's my favourite place in all the world!! But I've suffered anxiety here too!! I saw my doctor about it, he said I would find it strange if you didn't feel that way!! He didn't offer me drugs. He said I could see a counciller but that would be a while down the line meaning he wanted me to try work through it. I felt like I couldn't get through it. So I cried a lot, crippling anxiety, my partner ran out of things to say to me!! His dad had just died, then he was told I might die too !! And one day I saw it in his face he couldn't cope with how I was!! It shocked me and from that moment I vowed to fight it!! He works 12 hour shifts so I'm on my own a lot. I decided to drive again, that helped. I go to the local shops, same ones every day, have a look round the charity shops!! It just gets me out. I don't always buy anything but it gives me something to do. It's really hard if you can't get out. Before that I would walk in the garden, sit outside and take in the fresh air. I bought some wool to do some knitting just to focus on something else!! I've never washed my bedding so much in my life!! Just to have something to do!! It's out on the washing line again!! It's crazy I know but it helps me. See what your doctor says, it's been 6 weeks since my operation, apparently it takes 3 months to heal from my surgery. The anaesthetic Messes with your mind too. You will get better in time.


Thank you. You are helping me to feel better. I wasn't like this before. I even had this surgery two other times with no problem I felt FANTASTIC last night.

Today, we got out around noon to take my son to Boy Scout Camp. There at the camp I felt relaxed. I felt good. But as it was getting time for us to come home AND as we got home, I had a major panic attack. (I'm just finally calmed down now ) . I'm like WHY is returning to my home making me feel this way. I think it's because it was the scene of the original and MOST of my panic attacks and that suddenly I feel that I"m going to be home with only my thoughts again that triggered it.

And my head.. constantly hurts.

I've decided that even if I feel better later tonight and tomorrow morning, I'm still scheduling an appointment with my general doctor because i'm at my wits end. I literally just broke down and cried that I can't take it. I'm like two seconds from giong to the ER and asking them to do something for me.

It's just horrible - and my fiance is like there is NO reason for you to feel this way - and I KNOW he is right.. I know it.

Because I felt "great" later yesterday, I thought.. oh.. okay, I'm in balance again - so then when I started having it again today I'm like - well maybe this is just permanant and I'm doomed to be forever this way all of a sudden. I'm hoping the doc can confirm that it could still be the hormonal adjustments and that in time it should get better... But maybe in the meantime they can give me something to stop it .. it's exhausting and almost debilitating.


hi, I know your suffering , it's such a shame to have that happen when you were having such a nice day. I'm no expert but it seems like Your mind thinks your going back to the scene of the crime ( so to speak) as you said where you had your original panic attack!!! But you know it wasn't your home that made you have the attack!! It was your mind. You love your home and your family. It's a safe place for you to be xx


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