Severe anxiety

Severe anxiety

I'm afraid to go to work because I have an attack, so I quit my job, to maybe help with my stress, I was afraid maybe I was having panic attacks because of the food I was eating, so I started eating raw and eating garlic, everyone says I smell but it helps me feel better, I also don't get out of bed much so I'm going to try and be more active, when I get anxiety I stretch that seems to help me, I get paranoid when i get anxiety I think I have all these diseases and the doctors say I'm fine, sometimes I wish they would find something wrong. It would help me feel better in a way.i also feel that when I'm around strong odors it sets off my anxiety, I feel crazy I've shut my self off I don't have a job and no health Insurance.... Thanks to who ever is taking the time to read this and know your not alone

Gordon. Ps here's my number please text me if ever you need someone to talk to I know it helps me talk:) 971-678-9831


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  • Hey hope your okay!! I have the same as you health anxiety I think I have every cancer possible and the doctor keeps telling me I'm fine but sometimes it hard to believe when you've convinced yourself you have something!! Have you tried cbt? X

  • What is cbt? I tried xanex and it made me feel weird and then the anxiety came back from taking the pills:( I'm afraid to take anything I feel any changes in my body and it sets me off:(

  • Yeh that's exactly the same as me I can wake up fine as soon as I feel something I'm dying! It's horrible I've only had anxiety for a few months so doctor put me straight in for cbt.. It's called cognitive behavioural therapy.. Here in the uk we get it free on the nhs.. Do you have to pay for things like that? X

  • I'm in the U.S and I have no job and I'm going to try to apply for low income health care I'm going to look that up cbt

  • Cbt is like changing your anxiety response through routinely acts...thats what I get from that..but try this:

  • Yeh honestly I had 2 sessions so far and I feel like 50% better already! There's also free cbt online if you look that up too! X

  • Thank you so much:)!! I'm going to try it

  • Your welcome!.x

  • Wow your tough you really moving to get yourself out of this anxiety..and also if it helps more,its not obvious that you have anxiety,you look more normal than a normal look great...I think your overworking yourself,it's good that your taking sometime to spend for yourself....

  • Yea it does help to talk and is definitely a tough road I'm 26 been dealing with this for 3 years now and I still don't have a handle on it im trying very hard but always thinking something is wrong with me is the worst always thinking I'm not going to be around much longer it scares me as I'm writing thus I'm having pains as we speak slight chest pains feels like heart pain my lower part of my rib hurts when I take a deep breath it's awful but knowing I'm not alone helps

  • I think not only Yoga but working from your own house would be cool . I had a phobia of going out myself & took off a year & a half from school but that anxiety was getting to me. I couldn't focus. I hope you at least get health insurance for yourself . I do CBT therapy & it works. I think you'll like it too. I also do art therapy & take walks around my house. I think health anxiety is what's getting to me & annoying me currently . Like you, I also think I have a bunch of things going on with me. It sucks

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