Birth control and anxiety !?

Looking for everybody's input on birth control while having anxiety do you think that it would increase anxiety what are your experiences has a decreased it for you ? I know sometimes it can so just wondering . As I have the patch and I have not put it on yet . It's supposed to help regulate my menstrual cycles . Thanks for your input 😚


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  • I have taken the pill, had the ring, and now have a IUD. None of these birth control methods have effected my anxiety in a negative or positive way; they have simply had no effect. I am also on anxiety medication (fluoxetine) and it has not conflicted with any of the birth control methods what so ever.

  • Thanks !

  • It affected my hormones more but I am also very sensitive to birth control. I am better off of them. It made it worse for me during that time of the month.

  • Thanks !

  • Hi I wouldn't think birth control can affect anxiety unless your doctor thinks so? I've been on the pill for many years and don't think this has any affect on my anxiety personally x

  • Thanks ! I put the patch on yesterday . My doctor said it has low hormones. And it's to regulate my cycle. My OB said she didn't think it would effect anything.

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