How long does post-surgery anxiety last for?

About 3 weeks ago I had surgery on my arm after I broke it. After the surgery was done I had moments of moodswings and anxiety. Last night I couldn't get much sleep cause I started having existential anxiety and intrusive thoughts. I felt weird feelings in my heart which also triggered my cardiophobia leading me to believe I would get a heart attack. I think this is all a result of me still dealing with post-surgery anxiety. Can anyone tell me how long it lasts for, just so I know it's not dangerous and my mind can be at ease? Thank you.


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  • Hello

    This is quite common and still early days so not surprised if you are still feeling this way

    Everyone is different so some could get over it in a few weeks , others can take months or even a year or more

    It is not dangerous at all but very unpleasant so if after a few months if it is getting uncomfortable for you to control nip it in the bud by talking to your GP about how you feel but be reassured it is not unusual for this to happen and normally will fade as time goes on :-)

    Take Care x

  • That's good to know. I just had trouble sleeping last time and I was just making sure this anxiety doesn't kill me in any way.

  • No be reassured it won't even though I know sometimes it feels that way

    Be kind to yourself you have had surgery let your body and mind heal , you will be fine :-) x

  • Were you ok before you had the operation ?. If so, it's known that anesthetic depletes Magnesium levels and leads to symptoms that you state in your post.

  • I still had anxiety before my operation, it's just now it seems to have increased slightly after the operation was done. Same goes for my moodswings.

  • You should buy some Magnesium glycinate it will help you calm down abit and if it has depleted you it can only replace what was lost.

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