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When to know is a panic,anxiety or heart attack

That is why I'm scared every single day! 😢 I was a very healthy 35 years lad women until 8 mounts ago, 3 visits to the ER thinking that I was having a heart attack everything was fine I was having panic and anxiety attacks then on a regular days I had having chest pain something I described like electroshocks also in my left arm, sometimes in my back and neck, my doctor told me that was just the anxiety, I told him that I want to make sure that my heart was ok we did an stress echo and bubble study everything was fine only one small PFO nothing to be worry my doctor say but really?? That make my anxiety going to the roof!!  Is anybody fell a little pains in the heart area? Like unconfortable feelings??  But you know your heart is healthy but you still thinking that is something wrong?? I'm going crazy??  the anxiety can cause a nerves problem from my brain to the rest of the body Help PLEASE!! 😔

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It's just anxiety, You can trust your doctors they know what they're doing and I understand you feel scared and anxious and its normal but there's nothing to worry about and just hang in there okay 😊 hope you feel better (: I pray you will 


Thank you Alan_98 somethines is hard to found  people who understand what we r going through, something we need to hear that everything is going to be ok, somethings  we just need a hug Thank you 


No problem 😊 we're all here for you so don't worry you're not alone 


Hey I'm currently sat in a car and just had really sharp pains in my left side of my chest and it was kinda shooting down my left arm. I get so scared it's a heart attack. I've had tests done such as ECG and heart monitor and they haven't found anything wrong. So I know how worrying it is. 

Is that somewhat how it feels for you when it happens? 


Jayde_96 are you ok now? thats is so scary! yes but can also be a pinched nerve, a coworker when to ER with the same   symptoms and it was a pinched nerve, this is very difficult how we can know for sure what it is? :( 

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Yeah currently I'm ok it happened the once this evening and lasted a few seconds. Since then I've come home showered and got into bed. It's very frustrating not knowing what it really is and it's so scary :(


I have bulging discs in my neck and back and doctors have said those could be irritating nerves, including your Vagus nerve which can cause racing heart, digestive issues, and more.


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