Gallbladder nausea and anxiety

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to know if any of you had gallbladder removal surgery? What were your symptoms before having it out? I've been feeling terribly sick for the last 2 weeks sometimes having to make myself sick? I've been told I've got polyps in the gallbladder and might need it removing. This feeling sick constantly is making my anxiety that bad I'm having panic attacks quite a lot.

I do have pain where the gallbladder is situated and just feels like I've oversteched or done a work out in that area just achy.

Has anyone had the feeling sick constantly?

Thanks jo


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  • Hi JJB83,

    I have had my gallbladder out and I had severe pain, vomiting, nausea, fainting, lightheadedness and generally unwell. The pain was so severe I was in fetal position most of the time. I had gallstones in my gallbladder, pancreas and bile duct. I couldn't keep much food down either.

  • Thank you for replying anxious2befree,

    The feeling sick is the worst for me the pain is there when I move mainly but I know I'm probably going to have to get it taken out which freaks me out. I've had a bit light headed feeling but think I've an inner ear problem going on too. Did you pass out from the pain you were in?

    If I didn't have the nausea I could handle the pain.

    Thanks jo

  • No I passed out due to the stones as they were causing a lot of issues for me. The fact I was vomiting all the time and constantly nauseated I passed out as I wasn't eating enough due to the nausea and vomiting. You need to tell yourself the nausea is from your issue with your gallbladder and reassure yourself that you will be ok xx Stay strong you will get through this :)

  • Thank you,

    I literally cannot handle the nausea it's got me pickled, but I feel for you having to go through that. It must have been terrible for you. I try to tell myself everyday il be ok doesn't work lol. It's getting to a point I'm scared to eat, I eat a healthy diet and have done for years I do however have takeaway once a week which I've had to stop.

    Thank you again


  • Yes I understand the whole to scared to eat thing. Infact I feel that way now due to having a reaction to some takeaway that was really bad so I'm sceptical about eating any takeaway. I feel for you but the nausea is definitely associated to the gallbladder and you can get back pain too. It has lots of symptoms as well as headaches.

  • I was going to the doctors here and there with all the main symptoms of gallbladder problems and they put it down to anxiety until I had a routine ultra sound scan from a gyno doctor and she asked them to also scan upper too which found the polyp.

    I feel your pain with takeaway I'm frightened to now get another in case it makes the nausea worse. I need to try have breakfast now :/


  • Have something that's not related to dairy as it can make it worse. I used to have fruit as it was mostly what I could stomach. Take care X

  • Thank you anxious2befree. You too


  • Hi were you prescribed anti sickness tablets?



  • No Hun I just had to take panadol

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