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I am 18 years old and about a month ago or two, I have been worrying about a lot about my health lately. It's gotten so bad that I started having anxiety and lots of stress. I would ask my family members about certain stuff about health. I would ask them so much that they would get annoyed. Then all the sudden I felt that there was something stuck in my throat I read online that stress and anxiety could do that to you. But now I don't have that feeling anymore. The next day I got this werid sensation in my head that it felt like head pressure. So please some responday to me. Then I went to the therapist but I actually saw a social worker and I felt that it helped me quite a bit. Soon after that I started to feel normal again and then after a few weeks or a month. I started over worrying and my stress has gotten bad again. Then I have been feeling that head pressure again. So please somebody respond it would help me.

By the way I am not on any medication.


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  • Hi Geometro, it sounds like for some reason you have developed a health anxiety. Were you sick or did something happen to someone you know? It usually starts out like that. The more we fear the symptoms the larger it grows. It is true that feeling like something is stuck in your throat is due to the stress which makes your muscles tighter. As for the head pressure, if you read back on some of the posts you will see that it is also another symptom of anxiety. I get that myself. Even though it's anxiety related, it can come from breathing too rapidly or shallow, not hydrating enough or needing to sit back and relax with positive thoughts for 10 min or so. YouTube has many good options for you to listen to. I would pick audio relaxation/deep breathing. It will help clear your head. I think that's a great idea in seeing a social worker. They will help you unravel what's causing the anxiety to take hold. Not being on medication is certainly your choice. At 18, you don't want to be sedated. There is always someone around who can help you with questions or ways to help you deal with the physical problems from anxiety. Wishing you well, talk with you soon. Take care.

  • Thank you soon much for replying back. This really helped me a lot. It all started when I was on a diet, my diet made me feel constipated and made my stomach hurt. Then all the sudden I went crazy and my mind plays tricks on me. Then I thought I had an enlarged liver or spleen. Well you can tell I got really crazy and I went to the doctor and my doctor said I was fine but I wasn't satisfied. So yeah

  • Thanks for sharing that Geometro. I'm glad you did see your doctor. Being able to accept what he told you is part of the anxiety pushing you to be doubtful. It's hard to imagine that something we can't put our finger on can cause one symptom after another making us always in a free floating anxiety. Now that you are in this forum, you will be able to learn different ways to stop as well as understand what is happening.

  • Thank you for replying

  • I've had that pressure feeling on my head. I've had that for a week now. It feels so weird like I also have this knot in my throat. I've also been stressing out a lot. I do believe is due to the anxiety.

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