Anxiety and head pains

I'm not even sure how to explain how I'm feeling. It's started out about 3 weeks ago I just felt a pressure on both sides of my head and I would get dizzy and feel like I'm going to pass out and then I would get hot flashes because I would get scared of passing out.

In the past week the feeling in my head has changed and it's getting to the point where I've convinced myself that I'm dying every time it happens and I feel like I am going crazy. My anxiety is making me think that there's nothing anyone can do and I'm going to be like this forever or that I'm going to die and I'm freaking out.

I'll be fine and then it comes back. And I need it to stop, even writing this was hard for me.

Please help.


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  • I am the same and have daily headaches. Feeling lightheaded etc , nothing will happen and it's just anxiety hard to believe sometimes I know xx

  • Anxiety can cause that? How ? I get those too but I didn't know that. I thought it was just bc I'm just weak or whatever

  • You poor thing, you must be terrified and it is totally unnecessary. You can never believe anxiety, it is a liar. It can make you feel the worst is about to happen In stead of worrying and causing more anxiety go to your Gp and get a diagnosis. It is much better to know what you are dealing with.Actually the symptoms are quite common I have had them myself. Pam.

  • Thank you for your reply, I really appreciate it. I went to my doctor today and she thinks it's just from stress and she wants me to go for massages and try physical therapy. I also do have a medication for my panic attacks that it's been giving me. But I've been too scared to even try the pills.

    I'm still feeling really anxious because of this and I feel like it will never go away. Because I'm fine one second and then I feel like a mess 30 seconds later

  • The Doctor would probably start you on something mild, I doubt the medicine will harm you and it could be very helpful with anxiety. Remember you can not trust what your anxiety tells you. Pam

  • I have pressure in my head along with weird headaches . dizzy and off balance line I can't see. My doc says it's panic attacks. I hate it it's ruining my life . find me on Facebook .

  • It is the panic . If you were on anti depressants it would help you. Once you are able to ignore the panic it does go away

  • Same here . I get headpressure accompanied by dizziness and feeling like I'm going to pass out . Also my headaches are so intense it feels like I have a head injury

  • I also have head pressure, although mine is constant- it feels like someone opened my head and poured liquid cement inside of it and closed it back up.

    I also have constant dizziness and air hunger and feel lightheaded. I got tested for Lyme disease and all coinfection's and tested positive. Most typical Lyme disease tests are not reliable (the Western blot and Elisa), you need to be tested by a specialty Lyme lab-- IGenex or Stony Brook. You also need to be tested for all coinfection's – babesia, ehrlichia, Bartonella and mycoplasma.

    If you've been having symptoms for a while and test positive for Lyme, you will need long-term treatment – antibiotics and / or herbal protocols. You can look up Buhner protocol and Cowden protocol.

    But in order to treat a long term Lyme infection, you need a Lyme literate doctor. There are groups on Facebook where you can questions including recommendations for doctors.

    I would also look into POTS syndrome and Chiari syndrome.

    Go to - there is a symptoms survey which you can take to see how many Lyme symptoms you have. Many doctors miss the diagnosis of you do not have typical symptoms like joint pain or if they think it's "just anxiety".

    I'm also checking to see if the pressure may be caused by the fact that my neck is curved forward the wrong way. When I lean over or bend down I get even more head pressure. It may be caused by more than one thing. Another possibility is mold in sinuses.

  • Also - have you been checked for migraines?

  • I have head pressure and 24/7 dizziness. It's a nightmare.

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