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About three days ago I was diagnosed with general anxiety disorder. Whenever I worry it gets worse and I tend to stress a lot also. When I get worried I would get head pressure and at first I thought I had a brain tumor and I went to the doctor and he had me do some werid exercise to make sure that there wasn't anything and he said I was fine and it was mostly from my stress and anxiety. But now I would stomach cramps or pain in the bottom of my stomach. Is that also a symptom of general anxiety disorder.

please somebody respond to me I am scared that the stomach cramps or pain could be something else.

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  • Sorry that you're going through this.. I have the same thing and it seems like the anxiety affects the whole body. I would go to the doctor every month because I knew problem occur but it has all been my anxiety. It's been a hard journey. I been trying to eat healthy and I have removed the caffeine. Maybe you can start there. Hope you feel better soon

  • so do you think it could be from my general anxiety disorder

  • Most definitely I had so many different things due to the GAD I thought I had stomach cancer bone cancer omg you name it. But slowly I been taking care more of my body by being healthy. Just relax and tell your self you are fine.

  • can anxiety and stress cause constipation or can GAD cause it

  • Anxiety can cause it. I had to take some meds for my stomach because it was always burning and I was nausea. Relax you are ok. If it persist talk to your daughter also look at your diet.

  • The worse symptom for me when I was first diagnosed with GAD were the stomach problems, I felt like I had butteries in my stomach all the time, I was back and forth to the doctors and was told it was the anxiety, it causes so many weird feelings all over the body, so yes it is the anxiety, as you learn to cope with it it will ease, I found deep breathing was the thing that helped me most

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