Anxiety back again :(

Hi everyone im new to this site feel quite relieved to see im not the only one. I find it hard to talk about my feelings and think i keep things bottled up too long so thought writing about it might be easier. i think i have always been a nervous/ anxious / shy person since i was a child. Would always try to get the day off school if i new i had to do something i didnt like. Then in my last years of secondary school i staterted having panic attacks and being sick so had quite a lot of time off school and then would worry about going back to school so my heart would race and feel dizzy. I started off worrying about silly things like going to the toilet at school we werent allowed to go to the toilet in lesson time and they locked the toilets so knowing that i wasnt allowed made me constanly feel like i needed a wee so started worrying about it and it got worse and worse. This then seemed to ruin my life as i constanly was thinking about going to the toilet and where they are when i would go out some where. Im 21 now and too me this sounds really silly i still think about it but im not as bad. As im quite a shy person i find it hard to talk to people and dont have many friends so dont go out much. i think my anxiety has been on and off for most off my life and had bad times when my grandad and dog died but i got through it. Even though i constantly worry about other people dying as i dont know how i will cope. when i was 18 i plucked up the courage to go to the doctors and she gave me some tablets for 6 months and i went to talk to someone once but didnt find it helpful as i didnt say much. so far i have managed to cope ok with my anxiety untill a few weeks ago i was in boots at the till paying and my heart started racing and i felt really dizzy. it just seemed to come on for no reason. now i cant go out without worrying it will happen again. i thought i was managing ok at work to untill last thursday afternoon my heart started racing and i felt dizzy all afternoon. Now im worried about going to work tomorrow. I have no idea why my anxiety has started again i feel really anxious like i could cry would rather just stay home. I am also constantly worrying that i need to do a first aid course for work and that is always on my mind as i think i would faint or work myself up too much. it has gotten so bad i am thinking about changing my job but then there is the worry of going somewhere new as i dont think i like change. I told my mum at the weekend that i thought my anxiety is getting worse but she just laughed at me and told me to stop being silly. I think at the moment anxiety is ruiling my life, i know i shouldnt let it but its so hard to not let it.


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  • Hi and welcome you are not alone read through all the posts it helped me and feel free to talk i do all the time x

  • Thank you i have just been reading some now. its nice to talk to people that understand

  • anything you need to talk about just ask x

  • why does the anxiety just go on and on with no rest from it , there's no help none to turn to as they think its not a problem i spend my days worrying about anxiety i just want it to go away and leave me its really getting me down living alone to i think it makes it worse i do try and keep busy but in the back of my mind is panic attack when will it happen i am just so fed up with it .... Paula

  • Hi Paula the anxiety goes on and on because we let it,we need to learn to control it and as of yet I have not managed this yet.I do have good days but mostly bad days.Have you been to your doctors they will help.I am in the process of CBT and I am hoping it will help.Research CBT self help on line and there will be exercies tips and advice for you to do.It takes time but try to keep calm .I know how you are feeling xxxxx

  • hi tash, im a lot like you im quite shy and i have the same anxiety as you about needing the toilet! i thought it was just me but when i go anywere i always want to know were the toilets are even if i dont need it and i dont like going on long journeys because of it, even when my anxiety isnt so bad and im feeling quite positive im anxious about needing the loo. ive suffered with anxiety for a few years and it is awful ive found coming on here helpful as i dont feel so alone with it now, ive found out the things i thought only i got anxious about others do too. x

  • Thank you its good to know that im not the only one that thinks about toilets. Found everyone really supportive on here im glad i found this website.

  • Tash21,

    Hiya, I have found reading everyone's posts very helpful, so reassuring knowing there are people going through the same thing!! I can completely sympathise with you in relation to your anxiety causing you to feel faint and dizzy, I experience this everytime I get anxious and its horrible. If something happens to me once I'm convinced it's going to happen everytime.

    I am requesting CBT through this website, I'm hoping it is going to really help. I think talking helps. I know there must be a way we can all get through this, at least to a point where we can deal with it and its not effecting our daily lives!! Here if you need to talk! x

  • Thank you for your reply. i find the more i think about that i will feel dizzy and faint the more it actually happens. i am finding that talking about it and getting it off my chest is making me feel good as never had anyone to talk about it before as everyone i have actually told says im just being silly.

  • Tash your certainly not silly they are the silly ones for not understanding.Your right the more you focus on something the worse it gets I know from experience,several visits to the docs and A&E .I have only joined this site the other day but its brought me so much relief reading and being supported.You talk as much as you need Im always writing on here to me its a kind of therapy x

  • Hi Tash, I have suffered from anxiety for 3 years and had a year long spell of CBT it was amazing and i would definately recommend this,it helped with my dizziness. i also feel dizzy when I get anxious,i was really well for 3 months after stopping CBT but then had a stressful time at work and it is back again,i fight every day with my thoughts to control need to think positive thoughts ( easier said than done ) but we have to fight these negative thoughts. My CBT therapist said to me would you let a person bully you and I said no and he said well its the same with your thoughts they are bullies and you need to push them back and the more you push them back they will eventually get bored,basically your brain has got used to making you feel bad everytime you experience a physical symptom and you need to retrain the brain.Hope this helps.take care x

  • Hi great advice will try this x

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