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been back and forward to the doctors for the last 6 weeks with head pains, they are in the left side of head mostly, come and go at random intervals and last anywhere between 10-30 second, sometimes i get a normal tension type headache too. i was worrying that i thought i had a lump about 7-8 weeks ago, then one day out of the blue whilst driving along got a really bad thought about dieing no idea why, but it was a really deep thought! not long after that i started getting the head aches and pains. i went to doctors said probably just an imbalance of the middle ear, felt abit of relief, head pains were not as bad as they have been but carried on worrying about what i thought was a lump.... week later i plucked up the courage to get what i thought was a lump checked, turned out to be nothing, again i felr relief, was good for a few days, then i started with bad pains in the head again! so back to doctors to be checked, said possible sinus problem got a nasal spray, next day not to bad again, then sunday i just lounged about all day, couldnt be bothered with anything so fed up of the head pians and dizzyness. monday, was terrible didnt want to go to work, rushed to get home, hated the fact i was alone and my wife was at work, I got home at 1pm laid on sofa falling asleep on and off all day, didnt eat a thing and went to bed, Tuesday i went back to doctors and this time diagnosed with anxiety.

not some other things that have been happning which i thought was strage, but now it kinnda makes sense..

ive been avoiding the soaps on telly that the wife enjoys (hate seeing the illnesses and death thats happening on them all) i used to like watching 24hrs in A&E now i cant even stand to see it on the TV listings, loss of appetite, used to eat alot, last few days finding my self not fancying anything. even now, i keep finding my self thinking i hope the doctors are right, i cant help but think its something else! every single morning i wake up i think to my self, "hope these head pains are gone" then i feel one and thats it, its on my mind all day long! wondering, worrying its something else etc.!!!

got a prescription for fluoexetine 20mg to start, but im feeling nervous about taking them incase they make me feel worse, or more dizzy which will then make my even more anxious!!


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  • Hello

    I know sinus problems give you headaches as I suffer with them as well as anxiety especially when you suffer with Health Anxiety but you do right not watching any programs that will feed you fear , I avoid them to !

    I understand about your meds fear I have that problem as well and I choose not to take them but I have to take meds for high blood pressure etc and it was difficult but I would tell myself " Just a day at a time " make myself know I was in control and could stop them at anytime , I had a few side effects they soon went and now I don't even realize I take them , maybe you could do the same with your meds just do it a day at a time knowing if they make you feel worse know one can force you to take them but who knows without trying them you could feel so much better :-)

    You could also look at therapy for your anxiety , you Doctor could refer you even though there can be a waiting list but well worth the wait I found :-)

    Let us know how you get on :-)

    Take Care x

  • thanks for the reply, even today after been told its anxiety causing my pains in the head and dizzyness, im struggling to believe it and keep questioning and wondering if its something else, im driving my self insaine!

    can you just come off anti depressants at any stage? if they make my anxiety worse will just stopping calm back down?

  • Hello

    That is the nature of anxiety and how it keeps a grip on us telling us not to believe anything other than what our anxiety tells us

    I remember always been at the Doctors , my anxiety over the years has led me to believe I have had everything going as well as a few things my anxiety has made up that have never been heard of :-D till one day a friend said to me , Why do you keep going to the Doctors if you are not going to believe what they tell you !

    I sat and thought about what they said and thought that is a valid point and from then on I started slowly putting my faith in them knowing they know better than me , after all they did spend years at medical School to qualify whereas I didn't :-/

    So no reason your Doctor would get it wrong :-)

    Like I have said I am not Doctor but personally if it was me and I had only been taking them a couple of weeks and decided they were not suiting me then I would just stop them , if I had been taking them several weeks then I would ask the Doctor how to come of them , they may say just stop , or wean of , I think it all depends how long you have been on them and at what dose :-) x

  • Hi Stuart I know exactly how you feel I've been there, I'm waiting to talk someone about my health anxiety, my headaches are like yours I also suffer from sinus, it's awful, I'm dizzy in work, feel like I'm out of it or not In my own mind, but I deep breath, learned a few acupuncture points to press to help when I feel dizzy, I went through not eating and at one stage I was gagging thinking about eating, when my head gets bad I take a hot shower and breath, I get eucalyptus and breath it in hot water with a towel over my head or rub some Vick or olibis oil on my temples, jaws sinus areas and it helps,my ears drive me nuts but I'm always told they are fine, I was offered a mri by my doctor if my symptoms keep up but since I went and talked with her and she told me all about cbt therapy and all my bloods were ok she thinks therapy will help me better, I take Bach rescue remedy drops all natural and b vitamin complex tablets, and drink camomile tea with lemon slices in it, I also feel better when my husband is home, u are not alone, I understand but how I no its anxiety because I can have a good day where my symptoms can disappear when I'm busy, but when I go home bam it hits me again. We are here if u want to talk 😀

  • I already feel like I want a 2nd opinion from another doctor, but also know that's another symtom of health anxiety wanting reassurance etc!

  • Hi stuart1985a, and so the circle of health anxiety is complete. Sometimes it's good to put things down in writing and read your own thoughts. If you do you will see how one negative thought hinges onto another causing our stress to rise. Once the circle is complete the anxiety is with us 24/7 . Taking a medication is a common fear of all of us with anxiety. The what if comes into play about making the symptoms worse. If you turn it around and say but what if it makes it better? Before you can try other techniques in controlling your symptoms, you may need some meds to calm you enough to allow you to try therapy or relaxation, deep breathing etc. You are too wound up right now so I am hoping you will give the prescription a chance. Good Luck

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