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Magnesium replacement - is it a scam

I have severe anxiety and also for past few months painful twitching calves. Dr has checked iron and vit d,ok. Quinine no effect. I have had tips on here that I may need magnesium so I have researched on net. I fo have a lot of symptoms, legs, headaches, nausea, fatigue, etc but many people who write these articles profit by their books or selling magnesium products. Dr Carolyn dean had her licence to practise revoked. I,m confused. Btw I have recently stopped taking ppi for acid. Was on it 5 years. Does anyone think mag. Supplements worthwhile?

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I think when we hear about something we always go of and start doing our own research and by the time we have finished we are more confused than ever !

Magnesium has helped many , it is a personal thing what may help some yet may not help others , as long as you are not on any other meds that would interact with the magnesium and you could check with your Doctor if you are unsure if you are why not give them a go ? if they do nothing for you then you have lost nothing but on the other hand if they help then you have gained , either way you cannot really loose :-)

If you do try them let us know how you found they worked for you :-)

Take Care x


thanks bounce. Googling for research has sent my anxiety into the stratosphere. I hope it is simply low magnesium intake that is causing my symptoms. I will try magnesium. Lots of sites tell of symptoms but not how they are caused by the magnesium eg nausea? Insomnia? It's hard to believe a mineral deficiency could make me feel so bad. I,ll give it a go, thanks? does anyone have any idea how long improvement takes? Thanks for your consideration bounce.

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omg omg I,ve just seen on statistics website that ppi use very rarely causes magnesium defficiency enough to cause symptoms. I am in panic ,sweating ,crying it must be something else going wrong in my body to cause deficincy. I m so strung out feel like I ll have heart attack so worried


aw please someone help me does anyone know enough about this?


Hello I've just seen your most recent post... are you ok?

I haven't personally taken magnesium but I hope others are able to reply and help you x


no I,m retching and sweating and panicking. It's not taking magnesium that frightens me its why could it be low, if its not ppi,s it must be something wrong with my body. The legs pains are new you see. Dr just said maybe restless legs but I git so many other symptoms , retching insomnia, draedful faigue very fast heart headaches,legs hurt so much can,t walk some days

I'm so sfrsid of what is causing it ihad anxiety before but never leg pain, cramps and twitching. Don't want family see me suffer

quacks on internet tell you it's magnesium deficiency to sell their products when its really something v serious

I m in a terrible state


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