Magnesium for anxiety related muscle tension

Hi everyone I'm 33 years old and have been suffering from anxiety/panic attacks for 2 and a half years since my son was born. Ive been doing some research into why I get so many anxiety related symptoms even when I'm not anxious and these symptoms actually make me anxious. What i came up with is that a magnesium deficiency can have an effect on muscles and many other things of the body. I have started using a magnesium sulphate paste which I apply to the areas I get tense. IT HELPS. Has anyone else tried this and had major benefits from it? Thanks

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  • Im gunna try this i ache all over from anxiety

  • Honestly, it works for restless legs and I get back and neck pain. It's hard to apply to the head but I put it around the top of my forehead and around my jaw and back of head. Have a look at all the benefits of magnesium, that's what I did and I'm convinced its a combination of that and hormones.

  • Thankyou i was doing ok and now feel bad again aches and pains all over.

  • Yea I keep going back and forth but since starting magnesium it has helped with the symptoms like tension because it relaxes the muscle. That then lessons my thoughts and anxiety episodes. I have had tension headache and dizziness all day but I haven't been applying my paste because I felt ok. So going to do it every day regardless of how I feel. There are magnesium supplements which I've not tried yeto but want to look at which is best to get.


    This is useful info and there's much more of this. I don't know why doctors aren't using it more.

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