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Big set back

Well after not having one in a long while I had a big panic attack last night and the worse sleep I've had, I woke up with this horrible frightened sensation over my body, I was litralley sweating buckets, I litralley felt my head n I was soaked, I never sweat so much unless I'm in the gym going for it, I couldn't breath proper n started panicking, I'm definatly going to give sertraline a try on Monday when I go back to the doctors for the prescription, I've had enough of all these ups and down days, I go on my honeymoon next month and I'm not going to enjoy it while I'm like this :(

I tried taking karms that I got from boots, I'm not sure if that's made me worse, I know it's not medication as such but I'm on my Promazine but I made sure I had a couple of days gap before taking Karm, I think it might of made me worse as I wasn't too bad before taking if. Im now in bed and my legs feels so numb n shaky that I feel if I stand up there going to buckle under neigh me :( xx

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Are you still online....I just had an awful anxiety attack tonight. I woke up in just a state of doom.


Hi r u awake x


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