Back again!

Been poorly the past few days with my anxiety! Thursday I bought a colouring book and some pencils.... Yeah I know I'm 19 but that's the best thing I've ever done! Everytime I feel anxious I get my book out and colour! I've gone through 50 pages out if a 70 page colouring book so I must be anxious a lot, I thought my partner was going to judge me and laugh at me because I had a colouring book but he actually started colouring in with me... It made me lAugh a little, I'm so glad I have him, he's my rock and my shoulder to lean on when I need him, always with me through thick and thin! :)


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  • I do the same thing. Very helpful.

  • ( : Im 19 to and I color when I'm anxious

  • Oh my that is a great idea!!

    Your partner is a great person, :)

    Lucky you,

  • Hi,

    If thats what helps you then that is ok! Might go and buy one myself now or colour/paint by numbers could be good too. Have you tried writing down your anxiety/panic attacks when they happen? I do this and it helps take my mind off things and also a good indication of when they happen, why they happen, and what the triggers are. There is a website @ it has downloadable work sheets you can fill in. My psychologist gives me these and they have helped a lot. Hope this helps. Take care.

  • I'm 20 and I draw and color clothes on Bratz dolls in a Bratz colouring book. Sometimes I go to the kids park and go on the swings and the other kids stuff. Hey maybe, just maybe, were having a 20's crisis. I had a panic attack on my birthday 0.0

  • My bday was the 25 of august I'm 20 and I also had one haha wow

  • Dude were synchronized mine was the 24th

  • Lol that's crazy with anxiety haha

  • My sister did the same and she was in her thirties. I do cross stitch which is colouring in with yarns really. Maybe you could try that one day,love Sam xx

  • Good to know. . I may have to go in my daughters room and snag some of her coloring booms and crayons

  • Thankyou everyone, it's made me feel better knowing I don't get judged on here! :) xx

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