Hi I have may be a weird question I want to know if I'm going kinda down hill in a bad way before summer last year I was doing yoga n a lot of excersize n now I don't do any not that I don't want to I just don't do it or anything else I do go in to town clean my house n look after my kids with my hubby but that's all I do I'm starting to think that's a bad thing but not sure so thought I'd ask on here see what people thought thanks


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  • Hello

    Is the reason you have stopped doing yoga etc because of your anxiety ?

    You already sound with hubby , kids and house you have quite a lot to do and sometimes even the things we enjoy can end up been put to one side because we just don't feel we have the energy left to do them , but I think as a Mum and a housewife we should find time to do one thing we enjoy a week and whatever that is really does not matter but it is good to have some " Me Time " :-)

    Maybe slowly go back to doing what you enjoyed , even if it is once a fortnight :-)

    Try not to overthink though , deep down I always think we know if we are avoiding things because of our anxiety and if we are that is when we need to push forward and start doing them again :-)

    Take Care x

  • I'm not sure I never did classes I did it at home I'm not sure why I have stopped I did use to enjoy it I know I feel like I have no energy lately I remember now I stopped the exercise since my doc told me I have PCOS and it would mean it would be a lot harder for me to do n lose weight because of it n since stopping my smoothies I have no energy at all we don't go out much because my kids play up a lot but we do go in town or beach u do go to everything for my kids and there school as well and if there is a family occasion then I go to that apart from to day as mist have caught a bug in our house but that all I do

  • Hello

    No matter what and even if we won't loose much weight exercise is good for the mind as well as the body especially yoga

    Sounds like you are feeling low and the reason you have stopped doing this but I would try and start again as sometimes we can give ourselves so much to are kids and family we forget or maybe don't even feel worthy that we are important to and you are :-)

    Make yourself at least have one hour every week just for you , whether you do yoga in that hour or relax in the bath just put some time to one side , you will benefit from it :-)

    Let us know if you start doing something again and how you get on :-) x

  • What makes u think I'm feeling low ? Oh it's not depression tho is it?

  • No I would not say depression at all ....what I meant was at the moment you sort of sound like you are feeling down on yourself not as happy with life as you may normally be , I have felt this way before with anxiety , not depressed but just down or as I say low but usually it is because I have needed to make changes I have let myself get into a rut if you know what I mean :-) x

  • Yeah I know what u mean thanks for the reply I always seem to put ma self down a lot hubby tells me off for it can't seem to stop it tbh I'm more scared of getting depression with my anxiety think my heads just a shred as I always think the worse will happen to me or I will do the worst thing not that I have just my head won't stop thinking like it

  • Yes that is what I meant I got that feeling you were down on yourself

    But we all feel fed up especially with anxiety and there is a massive difference from been down on ourselves to been depressed and also when we have anxiety we do always think the worse , this is when Counselling can help as it helps us to re train the negative thought pattern we have got into :-) x

  • I've had counselling before I felt better but didn't retrain my thoughts so I've re referred my self so waiting on the appointment to go again just awaiting game now I know our actions come from us as we are in control but don't stop u worrying tho since my anxiety is playingup more it scares me

  • Good for you and again very normal that Counselling works but we can slip back so need some more but hang on to that thought that it helped before so it will help again and I suppose like anything the more you have the more you will get used to holding on to what you have been taught :-) Try and accept that it is ok to worry because I can imagine the more you worry the more you start worrying because you are worried , but if we can accept and say OK this is how I feel not brilliant but it is OK and it will get better it can take that pressure of

    I know it can feel like a waiting game but see it as one worth waiting for :-) x

  • Yeah that's true I do over worry so much tbh I am constantly fighting with my head to try stay positive but I can't seem to do it :(

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