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Losing an never ending battle 😰

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Well the back of my head on my left side has been hurting all day not a headake tipe of pain just pain like I've Ben punched in the head it feels wierd n I'm worried it's something eles my head is thinking all sorts n I can't sleep why does it always happen to me never seem to have good days any more n I've had enough n I'm at my wits end πŸ€”πŸ˜°πŸ˜’

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Hi Rebeccah

I am so sorry! πŸ˜” Have you ever had that type of pain in your head before?

Hi and no I've had it with headakes befor but not without a headake but I'm thinking my partner may of knocked me in my sleep it's not hurting badley it's there just when I touch it or I lean in my left side of my head but cause I'm thinking about it it's making me think loads n I keep getting hot flushes 😰 But this last week my anxciety had been trew the roof n I've felt so run down this week 😰

Oh no that sounds painful. I was wondering if it was maybe some type of migraine. But you may have injured it.

Can you do something to relax and maybe make your head feel better too, like a hot bath or shower?

Yes I was thinking it might be a migraine but it's not as I suffer with them and I haven't banged my heAd at all it just feels sore like I have banged it but I haven't if that makes since if it's still the same tomorrow I will ring the doctors I've been fine all day then.cane to bed and all of a sudden just started going all hot and my mind just started racing I hate this and I'm so tiyerd and drained with it all low. 😰

I hope your doctor can help you and that you wake up tomorrow feeling so much better πŸ€—

Almost like your scalp is sore with a big bruise? If so, then this happens to me when because I tie my hair too tight in a ponytail

Cat, that happens to me too. I thought I was the only one! My scalp also gets sore when I don't wash my hair or when I've been lying in bed too much.

Yep! Me too. Like you, if I don't wash my hair since it's tangled and all that.

I have had head pain to the touch. You have muscles back there that can get sore too from tension. I have had the pony tail problem. Also, you can get almost like zit on your scalp that can be painful to touch and you can't really feel them. I wouldn't worry, outside pains aren't bad. I hope your anxiety feels better. Mine has been bad lately at night. I keep getting it when I am trying to go to sleep. Now, I am starting to get anxious thinking about bedtime.

Rebeccah12 in reply to Kim2000

Thanks for everyone replays I don't wear my hair up a lot as I'm not a hair up person and yes I do to hope my anxciety calms doe it's been out the ruff this week for no reson ahh I hate it feel so run down tiyerd all the time I havent been out the house in like 2 weeks it horrible just hope i get better soon I hate this 😰

And I just feel like I'm going to have a break down I feel so emosinol I just want to cry feels like I'm loosing my marballs 😰 Feel I run down tiyerd all the time I just want to cry I've had enough of it now I've been trew enough shit in my life already !!

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