I've had severe anxiety over the past 4mons. I was taking Hydroxyzine, but it made it worse so I'm on xanax now. It helps with attacks or extreme anxiety, but I always seem to have this feeling of just out of it. Like I know what's going on around me, and I can hold a conversation, and take care of everything I've always taken care of, but I just don't feel ''normal''. I feel sort of ''off''. Just not like myself and it's depressing me. Some days I'm okay and I have moments where I don't think about it, other days I get so sad about it because I long to feel like ME again, but I think about it throughout everyday. It's hard not to. I just want to know that this does go away, that things do start to return to normal again. I'm afraid I've opened some sort of Pandora's box or something and I'm worried this is just going to be how it is from here on out. I'm going to start going to a psychologist and I'm really praying they can help me understand this more. But, it would help if I knew I wasn't alone in this feeling. I feel disconnected from myself. I can't explain it... obviously lol but I'm trying


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  • What you are experiencing is depersonalisation/derealisation this happens to the brain when it is overloaded with stress and anxiety it is a protection mechanism so your brain disconnects itself to cope with all the stress. Have a read about it on google, it is completely harmless but a very disconcerting feeling I my self suffer from it on and off. the trick is to not fear it or care about it the less attention you give it the less it will happen this is the same with anxiety, you need to work on your anxiety and the disconnection feeling will go away too. I highly recommend a book called DARE by Barry Mcdonagh the author suffered from anxiety for I think 10 years and he had depersonalisation/derealisation too he completely over came it with the technique he right about it the book.

  • I've been reading that book! I've heard great things about it, my husband is the one who found it and introduced it to me.

    I've heard about the depersonalizations, I just wasn't sure if I fit into that category with what I'm feeling. But, according to what I keep reading/hearing.. that must be it. My anxiety has gotten better. I just have to keep pushing through it and hopefully I'll be back to normal soon. Thank you for your reply!

  • I think that is definitely what you are experiencing and great that you have a hold of dare it will help you. Good luck :)

  • Thank you!

  • Totally agree about DARE it's a fantastic book 👍

  • You are not alone and the fact you say you have moments where you don't think about it is great Those moments will become more and more and it will go It overwhelmes you at first and it is all you can think about BUT it does get better

    If you had a physical illness you would just accept the symptoms and be patient so treat this as exactly the same you are ill at the moment and you need to heal Don't push yourself be kind to you Its a really tough thing to go through Give yourself treats Have a look on you tube for relaxation videos and take time out each day to lie down get really comfy and drift off to one Micheal Sealeys ones are lovely and relaxing

    Good luck with the psychologist

    Dont try and rush it and you will get well I promise xx

  • Thank you for the encouraging words. Those are the kinds of things that get people through ❤️

  • You are very welcome I've been there and know what you are going through Please message me if ever you need to talk I promise I will only ever give you hope and positivity as I have also got well xx😉

  • I'll do that. And you do the same if you ever need to talk :)

  • Awww thank you x

  • This is exactly how I feel. Except since I had a bad anxiety reaction to Kolonopin I have been scared to try a med again and I feel that is keeping ,everything from fully recovering. Part of me says take it and then I get thoughts of what will go wrong, usually assuming the worst. I'm sitting here right now so tired but my thoughts won't let mesleep.. I feel for you so much

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