N today it's back

I know we av good days N bad days but today is a stinker was fine earlier N as day goes on its getting worse shaking feeling again in head like it's going to go into a fit heavy head also I know it's had them before all these symptoms but I'm pretty worried coz it's so strong also the headache N the dizziness too I'd back N rather strong

Anyone else had it come back so strong


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  • Were you worrying about anything?

    Sometimes when I'm feeling good if I feel any even slight symptom I freak out as I'm like nooo don't come back I don't want you back! And then the symptoms come flooding back :(

    Just remember that you were feeling good and that's proof that it's possible accept this as a set back in your journey an tell your self it will pass and tmrw is another day. Gee I wish I could take my own advice lol

    Take care :)

  • Right? I can give people advice all day but hardly take my own even when I know its something that does help.


  • My dizziness and head pressure has been ridiculous... My anxiety first started with heart racing feeling faint and tingling.. I got put on anti depressants which the side effects were overwhelming... Now that I'm off of them I can barely walk straight... Soooo much pressure...thinking about trying another one...I had Prozac and Zoloft... Anxiety is the devil

  • Thanks for the replys N I aslo.sometimes which I could take my own advice

    Yea tomorrow is another day but my symptoms today av gone back to when it all started too I was same tingling feeling cold weak trembling head pressure I'm just thinking my way through it ice done it before

    But it definitely makes it worse when you get hit like this again

    Hopefully tomorrow will be better N hits,ya harder w feeling so good for a few days xx

  • I have also been hit hard again today after a couple of good days. Heavy head and feel very disconnected from my surroundings. I also have had waves of feeling drunk as well. But like you say we have been through it before and we will get through it again. I accept its anxiety but it doesn't make it feel any nicer!

  • No I know very true today I'm like it feeling N thinking is it more than anexity

    No it doesn't make me feel anybetter today even though I'm telling my self it is the anexity

    I honestly can't Wait for today to be over

    I feel like I'm drunk too today w all the other symptoms

    It will pass soon though that's what I'm also telling my self

  • It will pass. You can get thought this.

  • I know exactly what you mean. I can feel so good all day but the later it gets I start to feel head pressure and lil head heavy, then the dizziness. I just have to lay down and try to relax, it helps a little to just lay down and do as lil as possible. But even then you can still feel it if you move a certain way and head jerks. It sucks. I hope you are able to lay down or sit and try to feel better when it happens.


  • Hope you are feeling better today x

  • Hi all

    Today touch wood is OK so far today Lauren but was same yesterday just had med so hopefully that will work too soon

    Tiffinany I too try to lay dwn when it rocks up coz for some daft reason I feel safer than on my legs N I try N put my neck on my pillows keeps it warm N sumtimes helps with the tension

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