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can any women out there share their experience with Generalized anxiety disorder and pregnancy?

Although i'm not pregnant right now, I am 27 years old now and thinking a lot about having my own family in the next couple years. The idea of pregnancy, birth, thought of being sick.. dying during birth, losing a baby... absoloutely scares and overwhelms me. It can send me right into a panic attack if I think about it enough... i'm so terrified I wont be able to do it. Or i'll get pregnant and my anxiety will be uncontrollable and I'll just want it to be over with. I also have a fear of vomiting and we all know that these two things go hand In hand most of the time. I have heard about sufferers being completely at ease with themselves and being almost " cured " of their anxiety during this time.. I just want to know truthfully how it went for you ladies, I know everyone is different and wont necessarily have the same experience as others..

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Girl, I was a little nervous about having my first baby (6 now) and when I say it was sooooooooooooo easy!!!!!! NOTHING like the "horror" stories I heard lol. I will do it over again and again. Another person who said it was so easy was Kourtney Kardashian! Lol. It really is nothing like you think. And medicine and technology now is even better and getting better and better!! You will be just fine girl and HAPPY!!!

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Im glad to hear this. It gives me hope for sure but im stil so terrified! ive been living with this terrible anxiety for so long I just couldn't deal with it if it got any worse


All i can say is ive suffered anxiety for at least 23 years but every pregnancy (4) i was at my best, i think its the extra hormones not sure but i didnt need to be on meds, all you will care about is that baby and its health. And if you get morning sikness you will just deal with it when it comes.


its not strange at all! women with anxiety tend to worry about the future in advance!


actually all the fear will gone when u actually get pregnant.. it wont be a problem... not at all... the pregnancy will give u strength that u wont even imagine... you will be just fine... :-)


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