Hello all! Anxiety/Panic here :-/ I get physical symptoms

Hi, I experienced a few panic attacks last summer, (scary) and then I was in a car accident Winter 2015, (scarier!) a woman cut off a few highway lanes and smashed into my car. (We just got this car a few months prior) Since the accident, my anxiety/Panic has been daily, I've only had a few good days since :-/ I use to love going out and about, that's rare now and I'm not out for very long. I lost 15 pounds, I get nausea, sometimes throw up, my hands get sweaty, tingly arms/hands/legs, a few times my arms felt like they were losing feeling, I'll feel faint, (thankfully I haven't fainted) scared, I feel slight pressure/throbbing in my head, sudden urge to use the bathroom, feel cold and grab a sweater or get under the blankets. I hate bright lights and loud noises. My bed has become my safe place but when the weather is nice, I get outside. I'm doing yoga, I love eating healthy foods, I sit and breathe and tell myself positive things like today is going to be better than yesterday, everyday is getting better. I'm seeing a few doctors. That's my story and I really hope it gets better!!!!!!! :-) Sigh


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  • No wonder your anxiety is high with what u have been through. Make the most of the good days and when a bad day comes along just remember a good day will follow. Hopefully u will have more good days than bad days soon. X

  • Hi sues clues hope your doing bettwr

  • Actually Suesclues, you are doing amazingly well with all you have been through. I also get those same symptoms daily and it is not easy to deal with. Give yourself credit for doing all the right things to reverse your anxiety. You seem like a strong person who is not going to give up easily. I really see you getting better as each day goes by.

    Wishing you my best. x

  • Thank you :-)

  • Thank you! I definitely won't give up and I know better days are head :-) Same to you, keep on going, sometimes we find our strength at our weakest times.

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