AnY one with anxiety have little ones

Hi I was wondering if any one has little ones while suffering with anxiety as I have a question what it is I've been ok with my anxiety all day and tonight my lil ones have been so bad tonight that bad I lost my voice trying to get over them screaming the house down it was that bad was expecting neighbours to come round lol anyways I couldn't get them to listen to me and now I'm feeling I can't cope not once in 12 years have I ever felet like it was wondering if it was just a patch with my anxiety making me feel SHITTY I'll say any advice would be great full thanks BTW HUBBY THINKS IT IS MY ANXIETY MAKING ME FEEL LIKE THAT HOPE IT PASSES


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  • I have little ones and having anxiety whilst trying to be a parent can become extremely overwhelming, I'm sure you're doing fine :)

  • Thanks for the reply Im normally ok but like I said tonight was bad couldn't get them to listen and hubby said it will pass as it was just cause kids was been bad and it's nothing bad as my brain always thinks the worse no matter what really does not help me

  • Anxiety can make you feel useless and hopeless, it constantly makes me feel lost and as if I am failing as a mother, with anxiety it's easy to become irritated and sometimes we shout in hopes it will stop the commotion, it's nothing to be ashamed of, your anxiety will pass :)

  • I have a lot of patience the only reason I shouted tonight was I couldn't get ma little lad to calm down from screaming so I like over powered him with my voice as he got his self in a state so was trying to calm him after the commotion I just felt me saying to my self I can't cope with the kids and that ain't me usually n now my heads thinking to my self that don't mean I'm not saying I can't cope with life is it and I told my hubby he was like no not at all its your anxiety playing on my thoughts of what I was saying to my self

  • Hey I have really bad anxiety/panic attacks I also have 2 children. I understand were your coming from its just your anxiety trying to take over! Stay calm and it will pass! Sorry not much off a help x

  • Thanks for reply any reply is helpful as I am trying to tell my self that as my hubby told me but my head just wants me to think the worst as always n sends me in to a panic

  • I no how um you feel I've had a really bad day got to the point were i was guna go hospital. Anxiety is a living nightmare

  • That I will second that hun I hate it n still don't know the rout of it my citropram was helping now feel like a zombie n lazy I don't do my excersize any more but not sure if that's down to ms meds or my medical condition

  • Bless you I'm not on any Meds made my attacks worse. I'm getting fed up off it now I can't be happy with all the fear etc. And it could be abit off both some Meds make me tired

  • I hate meds tbh but I couldn't handle all the attacks n fear all time so what I do know as it's beetle then dropping a full tablet at once I have 10mg and I spread it out the day and don't take it all n it helps a lot I can do day to day stuff n go out with out panic of cause I get the odd attacks but not more then two day like before

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