Feel free to write any symptoms or feelings you all have would help

I am gettin sik of all these symptoms now I get like a drip inside me I am constantly herring my heart and then when I don't I don't think I'm ok I get light headed also feel like am burning or dead hot inside also body pains I av noticed keeping my self busy helps but around an hour after I'm not busy my mind will drift to the anxiety and ill get all sweaty I also start feeling like I can't go out because I feel everyone is againstd me or talking about so realy gettin paranoid and that's not nice this is not life!!x


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  • Hi

    Well I get the light heads , feel so drained & tired all the time , as if i havnt been to bed , headaches , paranoid , for instance feeling at my neck at moment , think there is a lump on one side bigger than the other side , so it has to be serious

    Aches & pains , generally unwell ...been told its anxiety , but do find it hard to believe

    You are not on your own ;)




  • Ano it's hard isn't it :( I no I'm not on my own that's why it's good to be on here x

  • It is hard John , not easy at all , but little by little we will get better , with the help of each other & any other help we can get we will get there , never give up hope


  • Hello, I get missed heart beats, stabbing pains in my chest and arm, sometimes it feels like something inside of me goes clunk. Sudden quick tightness in chest, throat feels weird. All mine are heart related symptoms and I don't get it when I'm nervous eg when standing up doing a presentation at Uni, I get mine when relaxed watching tv. That's why I find it so hard to accept as anxiety. I'm very nervous and on edge now but not because of these symptoms. But I've had so many drs tell me I'm ok n I've had ECGs. Xx

  • I meant but because of these symptoms not not because of these symptoms x

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