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hi, before i start im 17, in college surrounded by loads of other people my age etc.

Over the last 2-3 years ive had what i think is anxiety and maybe depression, but maybe i just get sad about being so anxious all the time i dont know.

I always feel anxious and well, i dont really know, i dont really know how i should feel, ( i know that sounds stupid but honestly its killing me) i feel fatigued too much and so on, very rarely happy.

For the past couple years even though ive managed to get some really good friends but to everyone else ive been known as a bit "off" or "odd" because of the simple fact that up until recently i couldnt communicate with people properly, even now i really struggle. Every time i was walking with another person id feel so scared that it was awkward, it was such a horrid feeling i would never wish that upon anyone.

I cant help but look at the ground in a group, kick stuff on the ground, fidget, sometimes even slur my words because i panic.

one of biggest things of all for me is just not knowing what to say, like ill be in a conversation or something and no words would come to my head, and ill panic and get paranoid, to be honest the reason i think i cant come up with anything to say is cos i think and panic way too much about the fact that im not saying anything, but i cant stop panicking.

i just think that im not always meant to feel like this, its even weird when im on my own, i feel some what nervous.

I really just want to to go away now, even though its gotten better (and people have noticed and think im alright) I still feel horrid on the inside.

Please can someone give me some advice, does anyone else feel this way?

i feel lost :(

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Wow I think not being the best with socializing may be a "thing" for us people with anxiety lol. Maybe that's why we have it because we're not the best with expressing ourselves or communication. I think you should look in to getting a counselor near or at your school. That will help and at least you can talk to someone and not worry about anyone knowing.


Thanks for the reply,my good friends know about this and I can talk to them I just don't want to go to a doctor or councillor cos I don't want my parents knowing


Hey there, I think seeing a doctor could really help, you have someone you can talk to and figure out a way to relive the pressure you feel.

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Hey, I just wanna say that your strong, You just gotta hold on and be strong I never wanted to tell my parents but when I did it kinda helped.just the fact I can talk to people in my own house helped, I recommend trying and bring it up to whoever your closest to in your family.


I think at 17 you'd be able to visit the doctors without your parents knowing? because you'd be classed as an adult your doctor will treat any visit and consultations as strictly confidential, so you shouldn't worry too much if you want to ask your doctors advice but prefer that your parents arnt involved, your still very young and have plenty of time to overcome insecurities, you may benefit from advice or guidance from your doctor on how to resolve your unpleasant symptoms? in the meantime, try not to worry too much, there is help out there and there's always understanding people here to talk to :-) xxxx


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