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So scared

Got up this morning my heart done this werid thing felt like it stopped and restarted and then kept skipping and I was trying to catch my breath and still am now everyone's just thinks I'm a hypochondriac but this is real I can feel it I know I'm going to die I just want someone to help me iv been doctors he said he will send me to a cariolgist but that was months ago and there just messing me about. I don't feel right my heart don't either I'm so scared

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Do you have a kik?


I have had this funny beat type thing as you describe, I have had tests on my heart most recent

24 heart monitor it was normal.

End of last year been to Papworth hospital for tests l have been to local hospital for scans.

Been admitted to hospital Christmas eve year before last ended up on acute coronary unit, test found heart normal.

I suffer with anxiety have for 4 or 5 years now ,been really down with it. , just a month ago I was put on Mirtazipine, don't have any queer beats since starting them,I have COPD also think thats what kicked the Anxiety off again.

but right now I feel like a new woman.

Hope this helps you from getting to stressed.


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Aww sorry you been through all that , wish I had that many test they have only done a ECG and that's it. I started mirtizapine a month ago it hasn't changed the way I think that I'm going to die everyday


Maybe it will take a bit longer for you to get any benefit from the tabs we all react different to the meds,

or maybe it make take a different tablet to get you over this dreadful bout of anxiety you are going through,

but the point I was trying to get across was I have been were you are at now,fast forward I am still alive and no heart problem.

I feel for you I really do, I have been there and know how you feel,but try to distract yourself from these thoughts ,not easy I know.

Take care Humming bird

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I'm so scared I'm 19 from England just glad someone understands wish I could have my life back I really do just feel so broken I want my life back


I feel that way right now, i find all day and all of a sudden, my heart felt like it was going to stop. So scary! I know exactly how you feel! I dont know whether i want to go to the hospital or not. I felt a knot in my throat when it happened too.


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