Weird sensation before falling asleep

Hey guys i know there is a thread about this but the sensations people were saying they were getting is a little different to me.. let me try and explain.. im 22, female, i smoke sometimes and i drink on occasions. i have been known to have anxiety attacks and i know i have a very overactive mind too which isnt a good thing when im trying to sleep..

Ill start with the first time it happened.. i was in bed hugging my boyfriend and i felt almost as though i couldnt feel him and i was kind of going in and out of my body and i knew what was happening but i couldnt stop it. It was like i could see my back as i had lifted out of my body but then id be fine and it happened for what felt like a good few minutes but then my body, on its own, jolted and i suppose i woke up but i didnt really feel like i was asleep. I then had this massive wave of fear and i got the worst anxiety i probably have ever had. I felt like i wasnt in my body and i felt like i was going crazy like nothing was real and i was in another world. My boyfriend woke up and was asking me if i was okay and whats going on and i felt like he was judging me almost like he thought i was going crazy (this was in my head he was actually really worried) i then started sweating and getting really hot and i started shivering almost like a fever and i felt like i couldnt move. It eventually went away but i had to stay up with the tv on and my poor boyfriend couldnt sleep til i fell asleep. I was scared to fall asleep incase it happened again but i guess i got so tired that i just went to sleep.

So then last night i went to bed and my boyfriend came in late i had been lying there for maybe an hour or so. Much like the first time i was hugging him and i was trying to sleep but i could feel that feeling coming on so i forced myself awake but i dont actually know if i was asleep? I didnt get an anxiety attack this time cause i knew i was going to be okay but i then looked up and came to this website and j was reading everyones sensations and i immediately felt better.

I dont get any pain its almost an out of body sensation but it comes and goes really quickly like im moving back and forward in my sleep.

Can anyone relate?


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12 Replies

  • When i say i couldnt feel him, i felt as though i couldnt feel anything - the bed, him, the sheets, nothing. Like i was numb almost.

  • Hi kayemg. If I've learned anything about my anxiety it's that I need to be in control.

    The way anxiety takes over our lives is scary. I think a lot of people like yourself have trouble falling asleep because in a sense, it's the loss of being in control. Afterall, does anybody really know when they fall asleep? Usually, you do so unintentionally and wake up later wondering how it happened that you were one minute awake and the next out of your control. My personal idea is that you are half awake and half asleep

    when you experience these "out of body" sensations. Your brain is trying to get you to sleep but you are fighting it. You should talk to a therapist or doctor about this to help relieve your concerns. I wish you my best as well as a good night's sleep.

  • Thank you so much. I am planning on seeing a therapist to get it under control. Much appreciated for your response xx

  • You're very welcome. Take care and good luck with the therapist.

  • This is called Derealization. I had this and got it from smoking marijuana. It's the scariest of the scariest anxiety symptoms!!! I'm almost fully recovered, about 85%. Please go on YouTube and type in "I have Derealization" watch those videos!! You will hear other people explain what it is! And how some have already fully recovered!! You gotta stop smoking weed!! It's one of the main causes

  • to be honest with you I rarely do smoke any weed. probably once every few months? How did you cope? Did you see a therapist? When I say smoke, I meant smoke cigarettes ;)

  • I was only smoking for about 3 months and then it happened. I had a marijuana induced panic attack because of it too. That was 2 months ago. Haven't smoked since! And yes! I do see a therapist twice a week. She really helps a lot. And also watching Those YouTube videos helped me as well honestly

  • oh perfect! I think my best bet is a therapist! I will look up those videos as well. Thank you :) :)

  • Yes it is!! But don't let them recommend meds. They won't help you. But the therapist himself will. And Magnesium citrate vitamins is what actually sped up my recovery. I felt results almost immediately! Been taking them everyday for a week! Yeah look up the videos. You're gonna feel so much better

  • I'm not joking I messaged my boyfriend earlier and said I wanted to start taking magnesium because I read on here that it helped people significantly! Is there any particular brand that you recommend (there may be different brands as I'm in Australia)? Thank you so much for your help. Glad I know this feeling will be able to go away soon!

  • See!!! You already know!! Yes!! Magnesium Citrate!!!! Its an absolute miracle!! And soooo inexpensive!!!! And you're so very welcome!! And yes it is going to go away! I'm practically to the point that I've almost just about forgotten the actual feeling of it. Like I remember how scared I was when it was happening at its worse, but I'm like starting to forget what it actually felt like, and I'm soooooo glad about that lol.

  • Omg it will be beyond amazing to forget this feeling. Ive thought about it so much i feel like im getting it during the day like when i focus on one thing for too long.. i want it gone!! You're a blessing. Thanks for your help :)

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