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Help me im getting so much worse

Hi guys i have been getting a lot worse recently and am convinced it isnt anxiety i just have this constant feeling that im going to die and i feel so weird my heart just doesnt feel right and nobody will believe me when say i feel so ill and not right it is almost constant though and for 80% of the day i feel like im dying and i just cant take it anymore

Please someone help

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What are your symptons.


Pains in chest arm and stomach, dizziness almost all day, constant weird feeling in my head as of something is wrong, heart beating to hard or too weak also beating too fast sometimes i just cant stop feelimg like im dying the main thing that is worrying me is this feeling that im going to die


Your not going to die!

I think you need to try and get into a routine of not thinking about it



This is awful when we are fixated on something because we do feel what we are fearing is going to happen and no matter what anyone says our anxiety will tell us otherwise

How long have you been getting this ?

Have you been checked out by a Doctor & given the all clear ?

If you have been checked out you need to trust the Doctor they are trained professionals

If you have been feeling like this for a long time then if it was really your heart even though I am not a Doctor something more would have happened by now so try & change your thinking with reasoning , I know it is hard when we are panicking

And you really need to see your Doctor , ask for help if you are not already getting any and if you are let them know how bad you are still feeling

Take Care x


Do you find that you feel better when you're engrossed in an activity or talking on the phone to a friend? Because when I'm alone and not really busy i feel those feelings too. it's really terrible. but when i'm busy and with other people i trust, i seem to feel better. if you honestly feel this terrible all day and night regardless of what you're doing, definitely tell your doctor. usually distraction or being occupied helps minimise anxiety or at least control it for a while. i often feel like nobody understands me and that there's something seriously wrong with me but the more i pretend to be and feel normal, the better I feel. good luck, stay strong


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