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need answers! im losing control

2/3 months ago i was rushed into hospital as i had this weird sensation happen to me where i felt like i had no control like i wasnt inside my own body?heart raced then got this butterfly feeling in my chest , went to hospital they kept me in over night to be sure , bloods etc were fine , but ever since that day i felt absolutley rubbish , i wake up in the morning as soon as i open my eyes , i get this like a rush feeling going through my body , sometimes it leads me to panic , some days it gradually disapears , sometimes i feel like i get hot feelings through my body , i cant go out no more i cant be alone , im constantly checking my heart rate , i get butterflys in my stomach and chest (no pain)

if i do try and leave the house say i go into a shop? i feel my self going dizzy legs dont wanna move like my mind is saying get out

im constantly worried about whats going on? i have tried medication made me worse so trying to beat it alone 

but every little thing i get even though they says its anxiety i dont believe it , especially the dizzyness sudden rushes i get and the chest butterflys 

everyoen is saying i bottled things up for too long , panic attack was a way of dealing with it , but it has caused me health anxiety / and lead me in a downward spiral im so stuck on what to do anymore  :( 

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Sounds very much like anxiety and panic disorder, the only way you can recover is to truly believe and accept that what is happening to you is anxiety. I would suggest you read a book called Dare by Barry McDonagh it's a 5 step program to beat anxiety and it talks a lot about letting go of fear from the sensations I think it would help you a lot it did for me. Good luck


Hi shazzy88, I'm assuming the hospital didn't find anything serious or put you on any medications?  If not, they it more than sounds like severe anxiety that has taken hold. That rush that you feel as soon as you open your eyes is called "morning anxiety".  I suffer from it myself and have learned to handle it.  The butterflies in the stomach and chest caused by the rush of adrenaline.  Not being able to leave the house and go to a store w/o feeling dizzy and jelly legs is the start of agoraphobia.  The constant worry is because you don't believe what the medical profession is telling you.  I've been there, I hated the snickers and laughs when the ER brushed it off as JUST ANXIETY.  I began to hate that word JUST put in front of something that drastically changed my life.  You mentioned you are not on medication because it made you worse.  That's okay.  Have you tried therapy though?  Therapy is a good way to help you get started in understanding what you are experiencing as well as giving you ways to control these symptoms as well as frequent episodes.  It will also help stop the downward spiral and not make you feel so stuck on what to do.  Coming back to this forum will give you the support and answers you may need.  Wish  you well, look forward to you feeling more in control.   xx


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