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Hey im new here and need help please

I suffered from depression on high school and messed up my gcse's then tried college but my grandad died and I got depression again..

Im now free of depression but have serve anxiety its extremely hard to leave the house due to this

I have lost all my friends but one .. I feel alone a lot of the time. Has aanyone got any tips for calming down when anxiety strikes ?

(Thank you in advance)

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Hello nataliesara & Welcome

You have been through alot & you have managed to get through depression & you will slowly be able to do the same with anxiety

Have you been to see your GP ?

After everything you have been through , maybe some counselling would really help

Its not easy but try not to fear the anxiety , the more we fear how we feel , it allows it to have more power over us , , but when it starts say I no what you are & tell it to go away , sounds silly maybe, but with practice it really does help

The more you can talk & we get to no you , I am sure you will get lots of support & different suggestions from others

As for friends , I my self would rather have one loyal , trustworthy friend , that really cares than a whole bunch of them that maybe dont & to find that one friend that does I think makes us very lucky

Keep talking





Aww thank you .. yes I have been to see my gp he put me on two medicines and I am currently going to therapy

I will try what you do and see if it works for me.

Yeah I feel very lucky to have my friend she's amazing.

Thank you again xxx


Keep coming on & talking , it will help & you will get there , we all will




Thank you hope you get better soon xxx


Hi I can't add anything to what whywhy said. I just wanted to say hello and welcome to the site.

Bev x


Thank you x


Hello nataliesara

Oh you poor thing, such a lot to deal with. You have beaten the depression, well done you! Now you have the anxiety to face. It's difficult to give general advice though whywhy has done a damned good job. Some find focussing on slowing their breathing helps, for others distraction works better but I am no expert.

My daughter is in a similar position to you, though a few years younger. She only has one or two close friends now but they are worth their weight in gold.

Try to remember that things will get better.

May I ask what help you are getting?

Do keep talking, lots of support here



Aww thank you . Im sorry about your daughter being in a similar situation its rubbish..I have been having therapy (cbt) and I am on two types of medicine x


Thank you.

I'm glad to see you're getting help & support. My daughter has her 1st proper cbt session on Friday, that's if I can get her there, she's scared.

Take care


Tell her its nothing to worry about the first step is always the hardest but as you go more you tend to build a connection with them ... if she ever needs someone to talk to about it just private message me on here I would be happy to help in any way x


I will tell her.

And how kind of you to offer your support, much appreciated




you have done so well to fight the depression that is the hardest part! I have also suffered from both and also due to my granddad passing away. I have written a blog about my journey.... and some people find it helpful....


if you read from the bottom of the blog up. it explains what I did and what helped. I have only just started counselling as you will see in the blog, everything else I did off my own back. So there may be things you can try too xx


I hope you feel better soon its rubbish to loose someone close .. Thank you I will read your blog xx


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