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feel im losing my mind and theres no help out there

I am 25 years old and i feel my life is over already. I have been trying to access real help from the nhs for years and no one has ever helped or taken me seriously. I have severe depression,PTSD, an anxiety disorder and obsessive thoughts. Every single day i am getting worse and now i feel i am on a slippery slope down down down and no one is helping me. I injured myself this week again and made a plan to kill myslef. I think about killing myself every single day. my illnesses are too much to cope with and i have absolutely no family support. Their attitude is simply 'just get over it' i feel so alone. I feel so distressed by my thoughts and state of mind. I feel detatched from absolutely everything and everyone,like they are just moving around me. I dont feel involved in this world or with other people. Living is just getting too much and im at my wits end. What can i do? where can i go? the mental health services in England are a joke im reaching out and no one is helping me :'( does anyone have any ideas of what i can do?

CBT doesnt work for me,neither do anti depressants.i really need something more involved as i am now just counting down the days to my own suicide. please? anyone :(

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Kayleigh,please,please,please don't contemplate suicide,you really do have lots to live for.Phone the samaratins on 08457 909090,they are wonderful,will listen and never judge.

Have you been referred for a different type of counselling,that could be worth a try!

Hope this has been of some help to you xxxx


Hey Kayleigh,

Please, please talk to someone about these thoughts. As LowtonGirl has already suggested, the Samaritans do a wonderful job and you can email them as well.

NHS 111 may also be able to direct you to local crisis support teams or your local A&E might be able to help. The Sane ( helpline is also open until 11pm and you can contact them on 0845 767 8000.

There are lots of different types of therapy and CBT won't work for everyone but that's not to say that another type of therapy won't work - different things work for different people. Could you go back to your GP and see if they could refer you to a different type of therapy?

I hope you manage to get some rest tonight. Sending lots of hugs your way.

M x


hi. so sorry how desparate u feel. sending u a big hug. I care! try getting in touch with the MIND organisation. I turned to them when I couldn't cope. they were really good. I just walked in off the street one day. they talked to me and arranged for me to see some one the next wk. they have arranged some councelling. no waiting for weeks. give them a go. best wishes xxx


I phoned the samaritans at 23, i am now sixty and although life has not been easy it has been 47 I started taking antideppressants, at first reluctantly but realize now that they are a tremendous help for my anxious thoughts..........never give up and seek out all the help you can get...find someone you can trust and talk,talk,talk



Just to let you know there is help out there. Please do as the other members have asked.

Have a look at 'No Panic' website and also do you know Anxiety U.K. can get you in to see a Therapist within 2-3 days. There is a charge depending on your circumstances. Please try and look at their website, I will try and get back to you later, to see how you are fairing and with any other details about the above sites.

We all care on here. Thinking of you.xx



Please don't try suicide, I watched my sister suffer hell on earth at 3 failed attempts, and I really mean she should not be alive according to the paramedics who arrived shortly after me, It has destroyed me now as a person as I loved her so much, but to cope with that is the worst. Also it changed her as a person and although she is better is has been a tough road. Mindfullness if you can find anything along those lines is what saved her life. I sometimes can only manage to sit at my window and watch a big green tree, then I started to write a little poem about it and now I admire the tree and how strong it has been to stand through every season. You too are sting to be able to come on and express how you feel here. Your not alone. My sister felt like she was in a cartoon world or something like that. Nothing real. Help is out there and please don't hurt yourself. I am here if you ever need a friend x


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