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Insight needed, losing hope


Hi all, I did post yesterday about this but didn’t get anything back so I thought I’d try another approach. Just wanted to know if anyone has any constructive advice regarding just generally not feeling themselves, head wise. A general feeling of just not quite with it. A permanent feeling like you’ve had a drink like tipsy ish /woozy ish/lightheaded. It just never lets up. I feel I’ve conquered my anxiety as the triggers and thoughts I once had are no longer there. Just this persisting odd sensation that I really have no control over. I do not add further stress and worry , I get on with my day as normal, without focusing on it, accepting it, however the acceptance is getting tiring and I’m starting to get down despite trying my best to carry on as normal. I’m a strong willed individual. I just know I’m not quite right. It’s hard to believe stress can cause such feelings and you begin to wonder naturally if I’m stuck like this for good, despite it only being 7 weeks since I feel I no longer get anxiety anymore. Just that of a normal person. If I was continuing to get scary thoughts and my body was sensitised then I’d have no reason to post as that’s obviously why, but I don’t. Sorry for any repetition. Appreciate your help. Carl.

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Hi Carl, I call what you are experiencing brain fog, at least that is how I have felt before. The symptoms you have described can be caused by loe iron/Anemia, hypothyroidism, and hormonal pissues brought on in part because of thyroid issues. Worth checking out at least. What symptoms did you suffer when dealing with anxiety? We're there similarities to the way you feel now?

Hi thanks for your reply. I’ve looked up brain fog and apparently it goes in time, it’s just so hard every day to deal with. My symptoms before were chronic butterflies daily for about 4 months , I also still get sweaty palms in the morning but after around two hours they are normal again. Thanks

I can only think that maybe your subconscious is still letting go without you knowing it's still working on this. Very sorry you feel this way. I've definitely felt it too and it's frustrating when you feel like you've dealt with what you need to and it still doesn't go

Another thought may be that you're deficient in some areas: for example, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, Low Folate and/or Low Ferritin (iron). Simple blood test for these, from your gp, would show these up easily.

Being low in the first two particularly, can be due to having been taking certain medications.

Are you, by any chance, coming off of a medication? If so speak with your GP, as you may be coming off of a medication too quickly. B xx

Carl87 in reply to LadyBarb

Hi Ladybarb,

I am not in any medication for my anxiety and never have been either. I did buy a vitamin B12 complex the other day , and magnesium , ive only taken one a day so far of each though , hasn’t helped yet . I’m not sure if I should even be taking them though as it’s not been advised by anyone? I may book another appt with the GP and request a blood test to see if I’m deficient in anything. Thanks for your help.

Hi Carlos ~ it doesn't have to be a medication for anxiety which can affect your body in the way described. I meant no offence. ❤️️ You've done great to get through conquering your anxiety, without medication!

Rather than self medicate with off the shelf medications (usually of too low a dosage and full of 'fillers' which aren't good for you) ~ when a blood test from your Doc will advise whether you've a shortage in the 'biggies' ~ "Vitamin B12" and "25 OH Vitamin D". (Might as well ask for your Folate and Ferritin to be tested at the same time!) 😊

Then ask for a copy of these blood test results, once they've been processed, together with the Ranges (they're the figures usually in brackets to the side), don't just trust the 'ranges' to be what's good for you ~ but you could, if you wish, come back to me and I'll let you know if you're too low within ranges, and can give you guidance as to which HU Board you can post the blood test results on, for further information.. (I have no vested interest in anything, apart from your health and well being ❤️️) ~ and some people, considerably more knowledgeable than me can give you further information, to help you.

In the meantime, I hope your woozy'ish head feeling passes. It's very unpleasant, I know.

You've done so well, and come so far already. Please don't give up hope 'now'..! 😊❤️️

Blessed Be, with Love, Barbara xx

Carl87 in reply to LadyBarb

Hi Barbara,

I know you meant no offence at all, I didn’t mean to come across as abrupt, if I did.

I don’t take any medication at all for any aspect of my health and wanted to beat this anxiety, med free. Using self help, a lot of patience and understanding, I truly feel like I’ve beaten it. Like I said , all that remains is this awful feeling of brain fog I suppose! If my blood work comes back normal then I’ll have to just sit it out and hope that my stress will eventually calm down to a normalised state again and my clarity will indeed return !

I appreciate your help and If necessary will definitely return here with my results. (Only in a PM to you)


LadyBarb in reply to Carl87

Thank you. 😊 You've done so well Carl, and with your attitude, I'm pretty well sure you've beaten the anxiety. ❤️️

The 'brain fog' can come from any number of sources ~ so that is, as you so very well put it, something to look at if your blood tests come back as normal, according to your GP's evaluation.

However, in today's world (are you in the UK?), then the NHS have been changing their 'ranges' and they're no longer anywhere near 'normal' compared to what they were 18 months ago ~ when they'd have treated you 'before' all the NHS cuts began, and in fact insisted you have certain levels ~ now they're not! It's shameful. 😡

If you're told your results are 'normal' or 'within range', simply because the ranges are so wide now, I'd still very much appreciate seeing the results (by PM is absolutely fine by me). I will value and keep your confidentiality..! 😊

IF, by any chance, you need to buy any additional vitamin supplements to raise yourself to healthier levels, you can be advised of the ones with the fewest fillers, and even how to take them for the best effects, and be advised on anything else you might benefit from, dependent on your bloods results.

In the meantime, I hope the horrible 'fogginess' feeling goes away ❤️️

Be as well as you can be ~ you sound strong! Let's just get any other question of supplementation out of the way? With love, Barbara xx

Update :

I am having my blood work done today and a urine test, just to rule anything out however I’m confident the results will come back clear on both.

The reason for my brain fog / and feelings of mild Depersonalization, is due to constant introspection on oneself. Wanting it and wishing it away isn’t going to do anything. Accepting it for what it is, a tired mind (mental fatigue) is the only solution . Getting on with my day no matter how rubbish it feels . It will pass , of course it will. The sooner I stop wanting it to pass , it will pass :)

Agora1 in reply to Carl87

CarlosBman, I agree with you. I think you are on the right track. Both in addressing it medically as well as accepting it rationally. My best

Hi anxiety takes time to heal, remember that sometimes we are naturally anxious for one reason or the other. You are not stuck with it, I have been there and sometimes I think it is coming back. Try to carry on with your life as usual it takes time for the brain to get accustome to the feeling of less anxiety. Keep going, you will get better soon

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