at the end of my rope w/ "panic"

Literally at least once a day (sometimes more) I have these terrible "episodes" where I suddenly feel as though I am about to  die or at least faint. The doctors are saying it is only a "panic attack", but the attacks  are so bad and relentless that I am seriously questioning if they missed something. I could be just walking at work or at home and I get hit with instantly feeling numb in my body to the point where it is as though I am not feeling my body the way I usually do like an "out of body" type of thing. Then I have severe nausea and a stomach knot, feel warm and a gut wrenching sense of doom. Every time it happens all of these symptoms come at once in a split second and hang around for several seconds to minutes and then subside only to come back again. The thoughts running through my mind when this happens is " oh my god I am going to die". These "attacks" happen at  least once per day usually several times per day. I had a bout with panic attacks about five years ago and after about a month or two I was ok no lasting affect. This time however it is radically different. The "attacks" are vicious and seem so out of my control no matter what I do. I don't feel right in my head.. I have almost a constant doom feeling hanging around only to escalate to far worse during an actual attack. Can anyone else relate to "panic attacks" presenting in this way? I feel completely out of control of my own body most of the time. It is making day to day life almost unbearable. I have even tried medication which I tried so hard to avoid. I am on second week of Zoloft also take visceral  and propranolol as well as have klonopin when needed. I only feel worse. Thank you for reading


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  • Yup, I feel like that also. I'll be making dinner or cleaning and out of  nowhere this sense of doom it hits me, and my body reacts in the flight or fight mode. It's really hard I know especially when doctors keep saying it's anxiety.

  • Every time it happens it seems like it will be the time I do faint or.... I hate it it feels so violent 

  • I am exactly the same makes you feel light headed and the more you think about it the worse it gets I have been like that for ages now and thinking what if I just die what if I have an illness and feel strange like dream like 

  • Then I start thinking maybe I have a brain tumo 

  • That's what I think or I think stroke I don't fear it's my heart for some reason. My heart doesn't even race until the point where I feel I will faint (the peak) 

  • I felt like I was going crazy also had the doom feeling like something bad was going to happen but nothing bad happened you just have to ride through It and know better days are ahead

  • That doom feeling makes me sick to my stomach.  Feels so out of control like I am in danger somehow 

  • When I told my therapist about these kind of episodes I was having she said "hun, the worse that is going to happen is your going to faint." I honestly didn't know how to respond to that. I feeling is more than just's the feeling that you are going to die that is scary.

  • You not alone I feel like that at times I can go a week feeling ok than all of a sudden I feel like something is very wrong and I'm gonna die it's horrible what panic attacks can do I suffer from  this and anxiety for 10 years now anything triggers these feelings the worse is when I'm driving and I feel like I can't breath glad u started some meds you will feel them about the 3 week in I'm on lexapro from 10 years a couple of months he gave me Xanax also when I'm having a real bad time don't take them everyday only when needed hang in there this is a great group that u joined all the best 

  • This group is great I'm glad I found it, so frustrating to so easily feel out of control thanks for responding :)

  • Yes I can truly relate to you, I'm from Kansas City and have just went through PTSD and seem to be almost through it after a long bout with it. I would wake up in the middle of the night feeling like I was about to pass out and die. I was fainting, heavy adrenaline rushes were I could actually taste the adrenaline in my mouth, blood pressure was so elevated and I would rush to the ER thinking my life was in danger. I just didn't feel right kind of disconnected for months after these spells would hit so I have experienced all your symptoms and can sympathize with you for sure. I decided that I need to take better care of myself while I was going through the trauma of PTSD so I illuminated all sugar expect from some fruit, fried foods, bread, potatoes, rice, and most carbs. I went to a diet with a lot of fresh veggies and grilled chicken. After a month of doing this I lost 35 lbs and my blood pressure returned back to normal and my symptoms have almost disappeared. I'm not saying this is what caused them to go away but it's no coincidence after battling the trauma I went through that my life style change helped with the mental side and physical side of my struggle. I wish all the best for you going forward, my prayer is that God would not only strengthen you, but that he would be your strength during your challenging days ahead.

  • Wow the way you describe your symptoms I can relate to its just like I feel too. Its so scary. I have been waking up feeling disconnected from my body and have that faint feeling you described then I think I'm about to die its awful. I'm trying so hard to do all the natural things I can to get better. I cut sugars and try only eating healthy carbs veggies ect thanks for your response 

  • I feel better when I clean up my diet too, maybe because it makes me feel in control of something?!!?

  • Sounds like classic panicking attacks the come out of nowhere for no reason and some are worse than others. My advice is stick to the meds especially Zolfo are you up to 50 mg. Yet? It really worked for me but took several weeks to feel better.

  • No not up to 50 yet still at 25  did you feel it was making you feel worse in the beginning? At what point did you feel it helped? Thanks again :) 

  • Hey how r u

  • A little better hoping it continues thanks 

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