Panic while waking up in the morning

Hi everyone, so this morning I wake up to an instant sense of impending doom and panic yes I was so scared and thought "oh no what's going on" I was so scared I would lose consciousness as in faint or worse. I also felt physically sick and very "out of body" . This happens far too often. I should mention that last night while trying to sleep i had a panic attack with a similar feeling of impending doom but it stopped much quicker. Basically i went to bed then panicked then awoke in a panic. This is so troubling. I have been trying to snap out of it but its been about four hours and im walking around on edge very afraid it will happen again. I have that sick sense of impending doom, detached from my body feeling with mind feels not fully conscious its scaring me bad. Can anyone else relate to what I am experiencing? Hope its just panic attack. 


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  • Yes exactly the same 

  • Thanks for your response. Its been hours since it began and im still in the panic state just not as bad as when it first happened. 

  • Yes, the same, but no longer as intense....

  • Was there anything that helped you? I'm still in a panic state yet its been hours since it first happened its just not as bad. I don't feel safe. Thanks for responding. 

  • I totally  understand.   Upon awakening and feeling that first gut wrenching panic, I  put on my headphones and listen to meditation tapes.  As I listen I do deep breathing exercises, sometimes I fall back to sleep.  When it doesn't work, I get out of bed and start moving around.  I usually go to the computer and put my energy into this forum.   After lunch it usually goes down a little but not really gone until evening.    There is just something about starting a new day plus the morning adrenaline being high that gets me panicky.  It's been 2 years since I got off benzos since they didn't seem to help with that morning anxiety.  So I can truly say that the meditation and deep breathing as part of my morning ritual, has turned things around for me.  The intensity is no longer there as well as the tears that would automatically roll down my cheeks.  It takes practice to make it perfect. Don't despair, it can be conquered.  :)

  • Great advice. Thankyou! 

  • I totally understand what you are going through, I'm going through exactly the same thing and it really is frightening. I have found that I feel like this a lot more often when I'm hormonal and have too much time alone and start over thinking and fearing the worst case scenario! I just wanted to reassure you that I truly understand and it will subside. I try to read or watch something to distract me, I know it's not easy but it's worth a try. Sending you lots of strength

  • It really is awful. Thanks so much! 

  • As soon as i wake up i get the cold chesty panic feeling then break out on a sweat. If it doesnt happen then i think i make it happen by waiting for it to happen. 

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