SEVERE "PANIC" attack w/ strong detachment form my own body

I was just outside at the park with my sister when all of the sudden these anxious feeling started. I was having racing thoughts mostly about suddenly dropping dead. A huge fear of mine. So now I am dizzy, I have extreme detachment from my own body almost as though I cannot feel as I normaly do and this sense of impending doom, I am so nauseous and hot all over my stomach is in a knot and these thoughts are coming with wave after wave of "panic" I'm really scared I am about to drop dead. I have no chest pain at all and my heart is not racing usually I don't ever have the heart racing or pain I just am so scared and don't fell right I am so afraid. Does anyone else's attacks go like what I have just described? Biggest issue is the detachment it is like im not really here in my own body I can't feel it, and the racing thoughts, catastrophic thoughts and sense of impending doom. Please anyone?

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  • I also feel the same symtops.. I also don't feel the racing heart beat. I do feel depersonalization and the constant worrie that I might drop dead.. Just remember that its only temporary feeling and that soon you will be ok.. Just breath and tell yourself you are ok and will be ok..

  • thank you I will try that :)

  • I get very similar symptoms and I have spoken to my therapist who assures me feelings and thoughts like these are quite usual for a person suffering anxiety. The detachment and feelings of impending doom can be quite common feelings. Obviously not belittling your feelings at all because I know very much what you go through. I think what I am trying to say is you are certainly not alone.

  • thanks, yes really struggling

  • I'm so sorry you are struggling. I know how hard it is. I'm currently in treatment for very similar struggles. So Sending you any bit of energy I can to get through and we will. It will pass. It will lift. the sun will shine again.

  • thank you :)

  • Hey, have you gotten any better? Or seen a therapist for your symptoms?

  • Not any better and I started therapy but it didn't help. Its so frustrating, the therapist has no clue about these symptoms I'm having. I'm looking for a new therapist. Thanks for your response.

  • I have the same exact symptoms. Have been having them suddenly ever since a bad trip in November, marijuana induced Derealization that caused me to have a marijuana induced panic attack in which I have never had. Ever since then, I've had extreme anxiety and intense impending doom and catastrophic thoughts. Every single day. I started taking Magnesium and it helps me tremendously but my period always throws me right back in it and I get really scared with all these thoughts again. Sometimes I weird nightmares because of it too. It's only anxiety but it's really tough to just accept that

  • I so.etimws get thw racing heart beat lately i havent and it such a scary feeling.

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