At the end of my rope

I'm at the end of my rope. Idk why this is happening all over again. I thought I was making progress and this last week has been a nightmare. Other then forcing my self to go to work because I have to, I am home thinking of what is wrong with me, feeling something on my body that shouldn't be there and what if it's cancer(Breast cancer) is now what I have been obsessing over. Every little thing pushes me off edge. I just cry and then lay in bed researching trying to find answers, trying to diagnose myself, thinking about what's wrong with me and thinking about death. I can't do this anymore and I am beyond frustrated with myself. I want to be who I was before, I want to live my life and I feel so stuck, I feel like I'm suffocating, eveything and everyone sround me seems happy and moving along, making something of there life, seeing and doing new things.. and I'm just here, stuck.


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  • Hi Kris5

    As I was reading your post I felt like it was me that wrote it. We are on the same boat. It is all very overwhelming. I'm the same way if it's not one thing it's another. At times I just feel so out of it. I feel like it has taken over my life. All we can do is keep pushing to find a way out of this. I'm actually feeling the same as you. It's crazy what anxiety can do.

  • I recently was in a similar situation. Went through a few tests and still could not get out of it..Later, It took some discipline, some diversion and some alternative ways of thinking. I wish I had resolved it sooner and had saved myself precious time of my life.

  • I feel you Kris, actually I am feeling you while I am writing this right now. I feel like everything is slow motion and my head is really tight, thinking the reason might be REALLY serious, but after all its just anxiety I know that but I am worried its not the thought is contiously in my head, I am social anymore and it is frustrating seeing friends doing things you used to do and you're stuck in that circle.

    The way to get out of this is to let it all in, dont try to struggle with it, keep it going. If you think you're dying then let your brain accept it the more you fight the more anxious you be. Try not to focus on the things on your mind rather accept it and go along, because if tests are negative then you are fine. Our brains are so strong it make us beleive what it wants, ignore it and with time it will loosen and loosen until if vanishes. Your brain will push for what it wants and if you ignore it, it'll go away. Thats the thing with anxiety. Once we accept it, it'll vanish like it never happened, it is easier said than done but this is the only practical solution to this.

    Good luck, we are all here to help each other, think about it this way! :-)

  • I remember having the feeling that everyone else is fine, and it's only me stuck with—well depression then, the anxiety came later. In reality, many of the people you see who look as though they're making something of their lives will be struggling in private.

    Is worrying about breast cancer a new thing for you? If you're worried because you've found a new lump in your breast, that seems very rational and perhaps you should get it checked by the doctor. On the other hand, if you think the doctor wouldn't be able to feel the lump, and you're often worrying about this kind of thing, perhaps it can be put down to anxiety.

  • I feel the same dam way..its so sicknin

  • I took a double take at the name at the top... thought it was me!

  • Im so sorry to hear of your problems,you say you have to work so

  • Gee, you are awfully hard on yourself. You are not alone; you are just going through stuff (sounds emotional). If you feel something is physically wrong with you, have your primary doctor check it out. Otherwise, try not to over analyze your state of being for the moment. Deep breathing and focusing on something else. Do you read novels? Sometime losing yourself in a good book helps. If possible, see a therapist or counselor. Hang in there. Praying for you.

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