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My health anxiety and panic symptoms


Here is a list of everything I have experienced:

Heart palpitations, lightheadedness, nausea, vomiting, butterflies in my stomach, hot flushes, cold flushes, tingling sensations, blurry vision, chest pains, can't breath, hyperventilating, headaches, feeling heavy, head pressure, dizziness, loss of appetite, hair loss, sweating, cough, tingling in face and lips, eye strain, panic while driving, abdominal pain, loose stools, tiredness, feeling faint, vertigo, impending doom, feel like I'm going to die, sleeping problems, holding my breath, Panic attacks, avoidance. They are just some of the symptoms I have had in the last nearly 4yrs.

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It can go on and on, right? I feel you as I have everything you have listed as well. Some days are manageable but others are near impossible but we are still here! Hope it will ease up for you soon!

Thank you and for you too xx

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Hi ... I no exactly what your going through... I'm 69 been going though all of this all my life since about 1st Grade :( This morning is absolutely terrible, I wake up every morning about 3am and, in a Panic, This morning is the same... Maybe worse... Been working so hard trying to move all of my stuff into 1/3 of my house , it has caused such a Flare up in my RA worst I have ever had ! I don't do the Doctor thing, I only go when it is absolutely nessesary,can't go along with all the tests and a different Doctor for every Problem. And all the meds they try out on us, that have such terrible side effects... and can cause TERRIBLE things including Death. So I Pray and try to get through ! I hope knowing we're out here suffering and feeling lost and scared too helps you. they say Misery loves company... I no that is true... if you no other people are going through the same things you are it makes you feel better. Hang in there ... you will be ok ... Remember I have been this way for 60 some years and my mom was too. Lots of people out there a lot worse than you .... Life is a struggle :( Find something good to make you smile or laugh... Laughter is the best Medicine they say :)

Hi Judy that's awful and yes there are others that are worse off. I hope you find some peace through all the anxiety xxx

Hi Judy, I truly wish the best for you and your health. I don't know if you've heard about it, but there is a type of oil that apparently helps out extremely well with anxiety. I read about another person who went through terrible anxiety and panic for 5 months, and then started consuming CBD oil. This caused their anxiety to completely disappear for 2 months, or at least that's what they said. The side effects don't seem too extreme at all, and are considered very safe compared to other medicines that can cause more anxiety and stress. These are the side effects in case you are concerned: dry mouth, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, and drowsiness. The person who made the post said they only experienced crazy dreams and nothing else. Though what I think you should do is either get CBT hypnotherapy or just normal CBT. I myself don't want to use the oil or hypnotherapy because I don't want medications messing with my head. I'd rather battle the fight myself and learn from the experience. Just think positively every time a negative thought pops up. I've read about the experiences of others, and there was this one guy who woke up daily with extreme panic attacks, and everyday it felt like his head was going to explode. He also had many other terrible symptoms. This apparently lasted him two years, and after constantly trying to get help from doctors, he took matters into his own hands. He said that he healed his anxiety through positive thinking every time a negative thought came up. It took him a year to feel way way way better due to how bad his anxiety was, and he said that he completely recovered from anxiety as a whole in 2 years with this technique. No surprise though, once the mind gets costumed to such a long time of constant negative and unhelpful thinking, it'll start to make it routine. In order to teach the brain otherwise, we fill ourselves with positive and happy thoughts, changing our mindsets in the process. I can't gurantee it works, as I still have anxiety myself, but I am feeling much better after thinking very positively all day. I almost feel as normal as I did way before my panic and anxiety started. Love the world as best as you can, but in the process, love yourself and your mental health. Take a good rest, drink a cup of mint tea, and relax. I genuinely hope you get better, Judy.

My exact experience with anxiety and mines may have manifested to another level as the other day. And I had always sobbed and cried saying my biggest fear is passing out and dying. And I passed out the other day my first time ever. And now my anxiety is back sky high. But ive been going through these very same symptoms for the past nearly 3 years. I wish us the best.

That's awful as I have been on the verge of passing out but it's never happened and I hope to god it doesn't. If you pass out you should get checked by a doctor as you may have low blood pressure or a medical condition like diabetes. I really wish you the best and I'm here to chat to so please feel free to message me. I will reply xxx

Yes I have been to the doctor that same night and they say everything looks good. Maybe blood pressure can just drop at any given moment for people and drop low enough to cause people to faint. I would like to find more information on this such thing. Because apparently its something that can just happen when you're not expected. Thank you..I hope all is well with you too...

Thank you for replying as I have been worried that I might pass out like you have. My blood pressure has been a little low lately so I'm going to get it checked regularly to monitor it.

I have a close family member who has low blood pressure issues too. Out of no where, she gets a terrible head ache and feels weak and bad. She still has it but has managed through, she's never fainted but I've seen her cry terribly over it, and I'm proud of how strong she is. She manages through eating well, and excercising a bit, or at least that's what I know.

Anxiety is terribly hard to manage and get rid of, I'm dealing with it rn. My fear is of getting ALS and dying, but my anxiety from it has lowered insanely. That's because I've got a strong grip on rationality now. Sometimes I feel fear, and other times I don't. Only thing I terribly hate about anxiety is when I wake up, I have the worst head ache and nausea ever. Makes me want to throw up on the spot, but I sometimes am able to get through it. Otherwise, I'm trying to pay as little attention as possible to my anxieyy, and that's helping me out significantly.

Oh crap, loss of appetite. One of the worst symptoms out of everything you've said, and that's because it may simply be the cause of your other symptoms. From last Saturday to this Thursday, I have been in so much fear that I lost my appetite completely. I could barely eat, and I haven't been filling my stomach up at all. Due to that, I would wake up in the mornings terribly nauseous and I'd have a bad headache. My face would also be very hot, and I'd feel horrible. I also got a lot of stomach pains and aches, along with grumbles. It was horrendous. Just this morning, though, I completely cured myself of that pain. This has always worked for the poor appetite symptom, and so if you haven't tried it yet, please give it a go. Make soup, any kind, as long as it has a decent amount of calories and nutrients. Make sure to consume 2-3 bowls everyday, unless the first bowl in itself opens your appetite back up on the spot. Eating normally will help you in your fight against anxiety, but if you don't eat well, then your anxiety will simply worsen. This information maybe redundant for you because you've been suffering for 4 years, and you probably already know all this. One thing I think you should really try is doing the things that make you very happy. If anxiety causes you a loss of interest, then try your hardest to gain that attention back. What going through anxiety for a month taught me is that if I keep focusing on the negatives of my life, the more these negatives will affect me. Just this morning I was worrying myself about anxiety and thinking that my life was ruined, but no, I took a break, went outside a bit, and afterwards continued on with my hobbies. If you have any friends that have time to have a great time, then I advise you go out and enjoy yourself with their company. An article I read talked about how constant negativity in our brains cause these issues, and that if we shut those thoughts down and start to think as little kids, with curiosity and positivity in everything we see, then we will teach our brain how to heal itself. This person was going through terrible anxiety, and he healed himself by going out with his friends and acting like little kids. Running in the park, playing catch, and overall communicating with them. I also have found this to work very efficiently. When I'm home, it's sometimes hard to cope due to boredom and constantly thinking of the negatives, but at school it's a different story. I shut off my mind at school, and mess around with my friends, and that's helps me a lot. It also makes me a bit depressed because it makes me think, "why can't I be this happy at home?" Just trust me, and give it a go. If you have no one to talk to or play around with, then try to meet new people through counseling, or through other means. I wish you the best, and I hope we can soon be free of these terrible struggles.

Thank you xxx

I’ve been dealing with this same exact thing for 6 years i want to assure you that i it can and will get better with some hard work and dedication!! I promise!! This will all pass so please do not give up hope!

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