overwhelming fear that I will drop dead at any second

Any insight into this, or advice I would really appreciate. I am going through a really bad time. I am experiencing an overwhelming fear that I am going to drop dead at any second. I feel almost like a floating sensation where I am disconnected from my own body. It is a very difficult thing to describe, I keep getting pings of sheer impending doom and a feeling of nausea. I can't stop it, if feels like it is getting worse. I have had full blown panic attacks before ( according to my doctors and the emergency room they say they are only panic attacks, I have a hard time accepting this). I can't handle these symptoms of impending doom, overwhelming intrusive thoughts saying at any second I am going to drop dead, and will be powerless to stop it. A complete catastrophic loss of control. This is so hard to deal with, I don't understand, someone please help.


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  • This is totally normal with anxiety. I've experienced it too. Try to remember that you've lived all these years and been fine. I'm sorry you're dealing with this

  • Oh sweety. I know the exact feeling. Feels like no one in the entire earth can possibly relate to such a bizarre feeling but believe me, I do. I think that disconnected, out of body experience ks one of the scariest.. For me at least. I'm still

    Learning to just try and ride thought it and rikd myself it's just anxiety. It will pass and in time it does. know that this is a very common feeling with anxiety and panic but that's all it is. We think we're going to lose it but no one ever has ... Sorry, you will be ok. how long have you been feeling like this? Have you ever dealt with or are you dealing with a hard/stressful situation?

  • It's called depersonalization its very common with anxiety.. I had an article but I can't find it.. I know it feela horrible I've been through it and just like you I thought I was dying. Now that I understand what it is I know how to deal with it.. Be strong and you can comw out of this.

  • I wanna let u know i was like this a few months ago but then i realize what will i regret not doing, you see fear is false evidence appearing real and you know the way to overcome anxiety is not only medication and therapy its realizing that the moment you stop worrying bout it about fear and what ifs thats when you will begin to live again. Be strong but mostly be you face your fears. If your religious believe in God he is amazinggive him your fears and doubts give him your anxiety dont worry bout anything it no longer be healed be like me i know im afraid accept it and let God be in control of it youll see how mich better you will feel.

  • What you are experiencing is panic attacks, these are horrendous and will cause all sorts of things. There has to be something that triggers them. You certainly will not die, what you need to do is beat them. You need to get relaxation tapes, focus on something positive and breath deeply, panic causes numerous things, with time and effort on your part you will succeed in elevating this. When it next happens ( they do not disappear overnight) breath deeply. Soon you WILL get better, trust me I did. Do what makes you feel good, tell yourself you are strong. Within a month you will feel much better 😊😊😊😊😊

  • Hi, I am going through something very similar myself. It feels like I'm gonna have a heart attack, I'm all light headed and nauseous and it feels like my heart isn't beating right. I'm so sure its just gonna stop beating, and no one can stop it because my doctor is just ignoring it. It's almost impossible to tell myself it's not real, it makes you feel like you've gone mad because when you are feeling OK you start to question if it really is all in your head. I don't know if you get this as well but sometimes my dread comes on like a blood clot or a tumour or stroke, because my background is medical science, the slightest symptoms set me off. I don't go to the doctor obviously as she laugh me out of the practice. Bit to me it feels real. I just have to sit through it and when I don't die it calms down or I take action again the problem im feeling. So when it feels like a heart attack, I take deeper breaths and cough every once a second to keep my heart beating and try to actively notice that it's not getting worse so it can't be your heart. If it's a stroke I do the F.A.S.T test for prove to myself it's not that either. Those are just my methods though, it's probably not the healthiest way to deal with it bit it does bring short term relief. At least for me. If you ever want to talk about it while it's happening, you can inbox (or IM or whatever its called) me and I can maybe help you through it?

    Good luck, I hope you get through it OK.

  • Depersonalization...is a terrible mental disorder. I am experiencing it too. It feels like you are going to die...lose control over your speech and body functions...in a dreamlike state...unreal... However, it's all a lie. The more you think and dwell on these symptoms, the worst they may become. First tell yourself that you are okay. Make sure it is nothing physical/medical...see your primary doctor. Talk with a therapist who will not recommend medicine right away. Talking through and using mental concepts help. Also what helps me is praying and reading Scripture. Praying for you. You are not alone.

  • Do you ever feel like your eyesight is weird with your derealization?

  • Not really, but sometimes I get optical headaches...no pain...just bright flashing lights which temporarily obscure my vision. They last a matter of minutes, but can be scary. The the weird eyesight is the mind working overtime.

  • The term is called Cardiophobia. Being afraid that your heart will just stop beating. I recently went through this. I do have to say , it does get better. Being proactive about your fears makes you feel better. Keep learning and researching about panic attacks. Getting educated on the subject helps. Since I was afraid my heart would stop beating I started studying the heart. How does it work. What exactly does it do. It's very fascinating!

    When I'm having a moment of of panic before it gets too big I go on YouTube and look up panic attack help and just listen to videos. I'm more of a visual learner then reading it.

    Best of luck! You are not alone.

  • You're not alone. I feel the the same but now I don't panic right away because if panic, things get so much worse for me and my body. I think of good things, watch something funny to distract myself and those scary symtoms subside when I don't concentrate on them. I have been doing it so for one week and I guess my hard work has finally paid off at least a bit and it's so relieving.

  • It really is a hard and scary situation and I can assure you most of us who suffer from anxiety and have felt this way. I know I have. From the time im driving in the morning im already thinking about what if I get in an accident and die today. I am terrified of death. Have you considered counselling or medication? It can really help to even you out. I promise the feelings are just your mind playing tricks on you and you aren't actually dying. You will be okay and will get through.

  • What you are describing is depersonalization and derealization disorder which is common among those who suffer from anxiety. I understand what you are going through. I'm 28 and a mother of 5 and pregnant with #6.My anxiety now has it so I can hardly leave the house. Every single physically sensation I feel like is a major illness. I know it's anxiety because when I relax they go away but it doesn't help me believe there isn't another problem. Living with anxiety is hell but if you focus on knowing there is a way to overcome it, it will help get you through. I'm still struggling with trying to overcome this and am having no luck. I've been dealing with anxiety for 14 years. Just don't let your thoughts take over. It is easier said then done.

  • Ano this post is old a have this fear am going to die any min off day plus a dont think a will make it till next moring am panicky a we bite just scared cause a dint whant to die and leacmve ma 3 kids and husband so scary

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