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Tired of Anxiety and panic attack

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I have been battling this anxiety depression now panic attacks for 8 years now, physical symptoms, as well as crazy thoughts, my brain never stops thinking

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Hi I have had anxiety now for nearly ten years have just started haven attacks since April this year, before that hadn't had any for three years. I have hypo and I found that my thyroid was playing up, so my doctor has put me on Meg B, Magnesium, and Thyroid and Adrenal supplement also just started Natural T3. Starting to feel a lot better but now going through menopause. Find a doctor that specializes in natural remedies as well.

Good luck with it I know it isn't a good feeling

What have you tried to do about it? It is a long time! But I am curious. I am sending you deep compassion and love which transcends all suffering.

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The physical symptoms are what bother me the most as I feel them on a daily basis and they cause more anxiety. The constant thoughts are very normal though and boy, are they tiring. The best thing for me to do is keep busy even if that means at home to distract our mind. If we are constantly thinking about it and how we feel we will always be in that cycle and never get better.

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Hi what you have said is totally right, but I find it so very hard to do every day tasks even the most simplist, and just wish to god I could stop thinking and feeling the symptoms your so right I just wish I could do what you say. I try so hard everyday but I have to force myself out the bed, get ready, and out the house to anywhere ??? But yes you are so right xx

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You are not alone. Make sure you have been checked out physically. Natural remedies are good, less side effects than prescriptions. Whatever works for you. I find that when I am busy helping others or involved in a project. Having people pray for/with me and attending church (a bible believing one) is extremely helpful for me. Please see a therapist to talk things out. Sometimes your breakthrough comes right after you feel like giving up. Hang in there!

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I completely understand how you feel. Anxiety can make you feel as if your about to die and that is fear in itself but then you almost wish you were dead to end the suffering. Just know it does end. Anxiety symptoms seem to last forever but I have seen for myself with prayer and relaxation it may not be 100% cured but it helps you get through each attack. You are not alone. I have been to ER hundreds of times. I have all the symptoms of having a heart attack yet it never comes. Resistance is your enemy. When you feel it start to come on. Close your eyes tighten your muscles as tight as you can for 10 seconds...then release and say I'm calm and relaxed. Try this several times a day you will find detailed yourself stopping the attacks before then can full gain speed.

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Hi and thanks, Yes they can be so challenging and come up out of no where,

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