Extreme panic attacks and viruses

Hello all!

I am no stranger to anxiety and panic attacks; I've been dealing with them my entire life, but recently they are getting progressively worse. Over the past week I've been very ill with a terrible stomach virus and with this my panic attacks have escalated. Yesterday I had one so bad I lost feeling in my face and fainted. Does anyone know of any correlation between viruses and anxiety? I have some Xanax to take if I start panicking but I would really like to try to go without it if possible. Any ideas would be appreciated


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  • No. Your anxiety and search for medical things to worry about is what it fuelling the anxiety, not the virus.

    Are you sure you were given Xanax to take in case you start getting anxious? Normally you're supposed to take them every day without fail to treat the anxiety, not an anxiety attack on the day.

  • Make sure the symptoms are not caused by the medicine. See a primary doctor and if you are okay physically, see a therapist who believes in "talking out your problems". May God help you. You are not alone.

  • First of all your going to be alright, if anything I have learnt with my anxiety is that whenever you feel unwell you panic and think the worst of everything , you should take the medication the doctor has given you because he or she has given it to you for a reason and you don't want to suffer without. If your not happy with the doctor get a second opinion, I hope this helps please take care.

  • agreed

  • Hi this might sound really silly but it works for me I have copd and get panic attacks when I can't breathe usually in the night I somehow get to the bathroom and run cold water over my wrists until I calm down I concentrate on the cold water and try and control my breathing it works for me anythings worth a try .

  • I have chest pain and hard to breath when I get one I think I'm ill but I'm really not if you tell ur self ur ill ur gonna be ill anxiety tricks you in to thinking something there when its not I think ull be ok if you your really worried go to a doctor and ask them if they can help there things you can do to help anxiety but you have to find your own way no one is the same me I put something heavy in the middle of my chest it makes me feel grounded I'm sure your ok :)

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