Still getting panic attacks

So here I am taking Lexapro 10 mg. for about a month, previously on 5 mg. for about five weeks and taking xanax once or twice a day. This morning I woke up with the familiar panic feeling upon awakening...haven't really had the panic attacks lately just generalized anxiety. I get so scared and weak when a full blown panic attack hits...I always think it is something else like a physical ailment...I was shakey, nauseous, unable to concentrate, heady...I called my husband in tears. I do have a dental appointment later today and don't know if that is the reason. I am so frustrated... I want to go through life feeling more normal than this. I took .5mg of xanax but still feel a bit queasy and uneasy...when does this stop and is Lexapro long does it take? I get heady feelings frequently a I'm not sure if it is just the anxiety or the Lexapro is making it worse...feeling very defeated. Does this happen to others.


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  • Well I've never taken Lexapro but I know when I was on my meds which I stopped at 37 days because I didn't like the wierd brain sensations I was getting. So when you say heady what do you mean?

  • It's not a dizzy feeling or's just somewhere in between..a heady feeling that sometimes make my stomach a little queasy and I always worry about passing out.

  • I feel like if the lexapro hasn't at least started to help you by now it's possible you may need to try something else. Lexapro wasn't for me, so maybe it's not for you either. Have you told your dr about this feeling?

  • I have an appointment with my psychiatrist on Monday. It's just hard to judge sometimes what symptoms are just anxiety and nerves and what is a a side effect of Lexapro. I am so sensitive to the slightest physical symptom that is different so I am my own worst enemy. This thinking limits me sometimes in what I can do....going out, shopping, watching my is a constant struggle. Thanks for your reply.

  • I dont know if this will help you.But,I used to have full blown panic attacks and these meds helped me : prozac or zoloft.. A high dose.

    And I keep klonopin close by in case I feel an attack coming on.

    I also take klonopin every nite before I go to sleep. It relaxes me and I fall asleep within the hour.I am 63 now. My panic attacks started at 17. The above worked fior me. Sometimes I get little ones for 30 min. Then I take 2 klonopins.

    Good Luck!

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