Hello every1, I haven't been on here n a few months because my anxiety is almost gone. I say almost because I went from anxiety attacks 24/7 to only once maybe twice a month, n they only last a couple minutes. What I do is just ignore the symptoms, that's right I ignore them. I know it's a lot easier said than done trust me I wouldn't listen 2 myself either a few months ago. But between all the doctor er visits and nothing was wrong at all I actually just convinced my brain that I'm fine. When I started having symptoms I'll just start watching TV and it sounds crazy but I'll smoke a CIG and it would just go away. Now I'm not promoting that u smoke but 2 each its own, maybe u like 2 cook or write or read but mine was a CIG when the attack happened. Its really a mind thing, if u went 2 the er like me every week n they haven't found anything then just ignore the symptoms n live ur life because if u don't ur gonna regret all the time u waisted thinking about if something is wrong until something actually goes wrong. I'm not completely healed but let me tell u I thank God I'm not where a was a few months ago. I thought it would never end but I'm so glad I'm finally on the road 2 recovery. I hope my words helped @ least 1 of u and if u have any questions feel free 2 ask me, I'm always here 4 support.😁😁😁😁


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  • It's really good to hear you are doing well. Did you have anxiety physical symptoms only during attacks or did you also have general anxiety symptoms also? If so what were they?

    Your method of getting over it is what I've been reading about over and over and I believe that is the best wY to overcome this however the key thing you said is you accepted that nothing is wrong with you and that's why I and many others can't move on as we haven't completely accepted that we are physically ok. Ignoring symptoms won't work unless you really believe that they are just due to anxiety.

    I wish you all the best towards a complete recovery :))

  • Thank u, n my symptoms were bad chest pains it use 2 feel like I was gonna just drop dead of a heart attack. I had pains n my arms n my chest was always heavy.

  • That's great that your anxiety is almost gone. Do you take medication for your anxiety? I've had anxiety for over 10 years, I'm 30 years old and I've taken Prozac 20mg. I think I'm always thinking what if I have a panic attack what am I going to do.. It's always the what if.... I hate it, I can't stop worrying about stuff.

  • I don't take any medications. I'm not a huge fan of medicine so I just copped wit it and accepted that it was all n my head n it worked!

  • Hi Faithful J

    Well done, good for you. You're doing the right thing. I'm dealing at the moment with a lot of anxiety and fear, and recently I learnt a technique for letting the fear just pass over me and through me. As soon as I feel fearful or anxious, I acknowledge it, then just let it pass. It seems to work most of the time. After all , it's only in my head. It's just a mind game. I also remember the old saying. "There's nothing to fear but fear it's self". All the best to you, and to everyone else on the forum who's struggling right now.


  • Thank u, n yes fear of death was 1 of my most problems I still have that fear time 2 time but I ignore it n it goes right away.

  • Great to hear you are on your way to freedom! This is the exact method prescribed by Paul David in his book 'A Life At Last'

  • Ty

  • You are all right. That Paul David book is key. All this worry is just a waste of time. Go through the eye of the storm of it, and there is peace the other side.

  • 😁

  • Thanks for the awesome advice...I thought I was the only one who called cigarettes a CIG or Ciggy lol...Your advice sounds very helpful and am so happy it has worked for you... God bless and take care :)

  • Ty

  • How lovely to see such an upbeat and helpful post. Well done you and fantastic advice :) x

  • Ty

  • Yes, it's true, for some people. I found ignoring it helped, for some of my anxiety type attacks. Finding something else to do during a panic attack such as digging through my purse... ice was a great distraction. Unfortunately, that's why cutting works for some people. For some people ignoring this is NOT enough. They actually need medication IF ignoring it doesn't work.

    In my case there was a physical reason, my blood pressure was dropping dangerously low. But by the time I got to ER it was high! It took me YEARS to figure it out.

  • We r all the same n we all can help each other. That's y I love this site.

  • I agree this site helped me to because i thought their was or has been something wrong with me ive started feeling better for about a week i actually started taking centrum that help with having healthier heart ,brain ,bone and eyes even tho wat really concerned me was my brain nd heart but im glad ur living your normal life

  • Was your blood pressure dropping low due to the anxiety or? and is that what you mean by physical?

  • No, anxiety was not dropping my bp. The blood pressure dropping was causing the anxiety attacks. The Dr's were not catching it because by the time I got to er my BP was sky high or at least back to normal. My husband caught onto it by taking my BP during the panic attacks.

    Once we figured out my BP was dropping during panic attacks we insisted on a tilt table test. This lead to a diagnosis of ortho static hypotension which then lead to a diagnosis of POTS.

    PAXIL is an amazing medication for anxiety for some people.

    Adivan is much much less addictive than klonipin or Xanax if you need something to take the edge off.

  • my BP is also low sometime, I had an attack recently and when the ambulance came my bp was below average.

    when I got to the hospital it was normal so I couldn't figure out what was happening

  • Once I caught onto the fact that the dropping blood pressure was what was causing my panic attacks, and got diagnosis of ortho static hypotension then later pots I first used high doses of salt to control my blood pressure then later then Dr's said my adrenals needed more support and put me on fludrocortisone.

    Some of the other tests that were helpful were aldosterone and renin.

    I highly recommend the tilt table test for anyone having panic attacks.

    I also suggest anyone having panic attacks who is taking Synthroid T4 consider changing to T3 instead. Your panic attacks could actually be seizures and not panic attacks at all.

  • We you not on any tablets?

  • Great to know that you are doing well. Your anxiety is so much controlled and your are enjoying your life.. Its true that all this is really a mind thing and ignoring it also very tough... It glad you have done this well...

    I am taking meds and doing meditation and exercise, it all work for me... My antidepressants are reduced a lot now...

  • My anxiety is REAALLY Bad right now, like my chest hurts like crazy, it's hard for me to breathe, and I feel tired and un-motivated... I barley go and do anything anymore cause it's just so bad. My mind is now convicted that I'm dying, and I feel like I'm never gonna make it to the next day. I have gotten all these tests done, X-rays, Ultra sound, Blood test... Other Tests for my heart... I'm scared, and I don't know what to do! D:

  • Hun,'ve felt this attack before & you came out of it fine. It will pass. I know this is easier said than done though as I find it hard doing it. The last few days the way I've stopped my attacks, is laying in my room, going into YouTube & listening to hypnosis or mediation for anxiety relief. I can not normally sit still & when a panic attack happens my adrenaline pumps so hard I cannot sit to do breathing techniques, BUT...please try the mediation or hypnosis...I can honestly say after a 17 year battle with this horrible "thing"...this has been the first time I can calm down within minutes of listening to a clip. You have to concentrate and listen other wise it won't work, and it may take you a couple of times to get into a deep relaxation, but right now if you're having a bad panic attack...please try its let me know how you go! cannot die from a panic attack...and you've gotten through them before & you will get through this one! Xxx

  • Hi faithful: I hope you are still doing well. That takes a lot of will power to ignore the anxiety feelings. I give you credit for being able to do that. Oh sure, my anxiety isn't as great as it use to be years ago but the fact is, it is still there. I hope to be able to say one day soon that I am on the road to recovery. I know I will never forget the bumpy journey. Take care.

  • I used to go to the ER all the time. When an attack hits it feels like I am going to die. Chest pains, rapid heart beat, trouble breathing, pain in my left arm, tingling sensations, heart's scary. I was pretty much panic free for almost a year but once i have that first time in a long time attack it's hard to shake that feeling away. I also try to tell myself I'm fine and keep my mind busy but once my heart stars to really race there's no stopping it. if I catch it before the serious fear kicks in I too smoke a cig and that's how I usually calm myself.

    Glad to hear you've been doing so well even though I don't personally know you. It's always great to hear people overcoming anxiety. It's very hard to do!

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