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Anxiety or something else?



Since Tuesday when my drama at the dentist happened I just can't seem to get out this horrible anxious state that I'm in but over the last day or 2 I've had this pain from my throat down in my lungs(feels like the tube that you swallow down) is really painful when I breathe. On top of that the fear of it is driving my heart crazy.

I don't know if I'm just being over dramatic and it's just anxiety or something is really wrong. Usually I'm good at judging thing just to be anxiety but this time round I cannot function that part of my brain.


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Hi Ashley, could be anxiety after the dentist visit but to put your mind at rest maybe go to doctors for check up if its making you more anxious can be a vicious cycle xx

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Hi mimii

Nice to hear from you :-)

Yeah I made an appointment for next Friday was the first one I could get...hopefully I'll hold on till then haha!

How have you been? Xx

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Hey nice to see you back, it's disgraceful how long you have to wait for appts now , hope you feel better before then :)

Been ok thanks , bit down at times but think it's the time of year and miserable weather xx

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Yes I agree 100% this weather is no use for me at all. I cannot wait till the lighter nights and I don't have to traipse about with big jackets on lol xx


Hi Ashley.

Sorry to hear your not too good at the moment, I think it is most likely that it is anxiety but why not pop into your docs just for peace of mind. It could be a side effect of the drugs at the dentist plus you said you had a full blown panic attack I hope you feel better soon

Kenny xxxx

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Hey Kenny

Thanks for replying.

I do think I'm maybe a bit run down at the moment so I'm trying to blame it on that...rational mind has gone missing lol xx

Hi Ashley

if you can't wait until friday you could always request an emergency appt.

Jules x

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Hey Jules

Yeah I think if I still feel the same come Monday morning I'll get an emergency one. I'm hoping it's due to being a bit run down and the fact I've been working a lot over Xmas and new year. Didn't really get a break xx

Hey Ashley........anxiety gives us horrid symptoms and horrid thoughts, but youve taken positive steps to sort it so try not worry....... I hope life is ok apart from this??

Ker xx

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Hey you.

It is horrible I totally convinced myself that something was seriously wrong but I've managed to calm myself down....things in life are looking up just need to get the anxiety feelings to subside and I'm doing great lol.

How you been getting on? Xx


Hello there Ashley :-)

Well what you are describing sounds like anxiety to me

Also I have had the very same feelings with chronic indigestion that feeling in the pipe going down in your throat & pain but it's when my anxiety has been very bad

There is a slight chance you may have a throat infection starting & if you need the doctors before Friday then ask for an emergency appointment

I do think the dentist episode has really upset you & your anxiety is doing a bit of over time , but you will settle down again , you have before & you will again :-)




ps Will-i-am says so to now you like him :-D

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