Chest pains that are scaring me


I'm 24. Normal healthy guy. Recently getting chest pains. If describe them as short and stabbing. Today they seemed quite strong. Lasted about ten minutes and did scare me.

I do suffer from anxiety and anything to do with health just make me over think everything so here's me scared that I'm having a heart attack or one is going to happen.

I did see the doctor the other day who told me not to worry because he did his tests that suggest nothing more than muscle strain. He listened to my chest and did heart rate and oxygen levels and said it was perfect. I even had recent blood tests which all came fine. So I assume if something was up with my heart then this would tell them ?

I just worry so much about it so would just like some advice with what could be causing these pains. Are chest pains normal ? And how would I know of it was something serious ?

I have recently started taking propanolol 20mg for my anxiety. As and when needed and have to admit that my posture at work isn't great.

How can I get rid of these pains and how can I just try to relax ?

Any advice or personal experience would be much appreciated.


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  • Hi Andrew sounds like your anxiety giving you physical symptoms these can be very a nurse and I get terrible health anxiety following a stroke been back and forwards to gp and they can not give me answers.propanol good and should help.go on u tube and look for dr Clare weekes talking about acceptance and going with your symptoms.good luck you can beat it .🌈X

  • Hi.. Anxiety can present itself in many forms. May be a side affect of the medication. Also may be something your eating that’s causing your digestive tract to act up. Which in turn can cause pressure in your chest cavity. That being said pay close attention to what your eating or doing different. Try drinking tea before bed NO caffeine please it’s detrimental for Anxiety. It really does make a difference when you don’t have it. Ask your Dr about taking a multivitamin daily. You may be deficient in some nutrients. But remember it could be Anxiety after ruling all else out. So just take it easy don’t forget deep breaths every morning and don’t give in to this Monster. Good Luck!

  • Hi I just want to say I went through the same thing and still struggling with it but I feel I'm a lot stronger I've been trying hard not to think about it I know it's easier said than done but once you're in that mode it's hard to get out of and the mind plays tricks on you I had chest pains and went to the doctor 3 times to check my heart and it was fine but I would still stay up at night worrying and I still do of course we all have our off days but I try to do as many things to preoccupy my mind as much as I can and that helps so much you just have to try your hardest to take control of your mind... good luck ❤️

  • If chest pains are while at rest and not at times of exerting yourself you likely have no worries. At 24 yoa it is highly unlikely you have cardiovascular issue. If it will give you peace of mind have doctor do an ecg, this will usually indicate if you have any cardiovascular abnormalities. At your age it is extremely likely you don't. Feel well!

  • Try magnesium tablets .

  • I started sertaline 50mg 3 weeks ago and the side effects were horrendous. My heart rate is fast and yesterday I had a sudden pain in the middle of my chest. I lasted 5 Minutes. Felt longer. Then it went. I believe it is the medication. I am hanging on for a while longer.

  • I can remember my distressing chest and breathing episodes first started when I was around 24. They used to frighten the hell outta me. Took myself to hospital a few times convinced that something inside my chest was going to explode. I always tested as normal and healthy and I started to accept these uncomfortable sensations as anxiety. I'm 54 now and still get the same anxiety symptoms now and then. My heart still hasn't exploded and I simple accept the sensations for what they are and carry on regardless.

  • I get this hard to breathe feeling right in the center as well at times and have also thought it was my heart. I have had it checked and also wore a heart monitor. Once you have accepted what anxiety is you will start to accept the symptoms. For a week I would write down the issues and would notice the symptoms was brought on by foods or forgetting my vitamins. Practice some meditation and deep breathe exercises

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