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Health anxiety or real illness

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Hi all!

I have had some form of anxiety all my life and in my 30s in turned into health anxiety. At the beginning of this I would fear I had a certain illness, go to the doc get the all clear and be ok until I had a new symptom and off I went again.

But in the past couple of years I have LOADS of strange physical symptoms that never let up and no doctor or test can make me believe I don't have something bad going on. I have googled so much that even when they test me for something and it's negative I know of other illnesses it could be. Living like this is horrible, it's affecting my family and I've just recently started a job I really wanted and I'm thinking of giving up because I hace so much anxiety and symptoms.

Any suggestions would be so welcome. Thanks for reading x

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If you don’t mind sharing, what kind of symptoms are you having?

I spent three years miserable with completely random symptoms- my doctors didn’t believe me or pumped me full of antibiotics and steroids.

I finally got the right blood tests this year and it turns out I have immune system issues that give me random symptoms.

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Sasical in reply to Laurennnnnnn

Laurennnnnnn where to start? I have widespread muscle stiffness that sometimes causes me difficulty to walk, shortness of breath, before a bowel movement I feel really odd, begin to sweat, shake, I have tachycardia, all passes about 30 mins after but unfortunately I'm having an average of 3 bm a day. I also have this kind of instabilty, not really dizzy, more like an internal tremor and weakness. I don't really know how to explain it, I just feel ill. All this is on a daily basis and as a side plate I have random symptoms that vary on a daily basis, for example yesterday all of a sudden my nose felt as if someone was pinching it really hard, today my nose is numb or my right foot burns...sorry for the essay

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Laurennnnnnn in reply to Sasical

I’d go to an immunologist or oncologist if I were you and have them run every test they can think of. Inflammatory problems and immune system problems can cause the craziest symptoms but regular doctors never think to test for that stuff

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Sasical in reply to Laurennnnnnn

I will look into that. Thank you very much

Hi Sassical,

I did send you a pm in reply to yours, don't know if you got it?

Your brief story above, sounds pretty much like the story of my life.... Always worried, then reassured... Now got awful physical symptoms for five years, still here, so I figure it has to be anxiety, no more tests left to have.... Just worry and anxiety left.

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Sasical in reply to Funkyfaerie

I did, thank you so much! I thought I had replied...if not, sorry, I really thought I had, must be losing my mind as well haha

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Funkyfaerie in reply to Sasical

I'll take a look, used to get notified, but not any more it seems... Had a horrible bout of our affliction today!

Talk soon x

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Sasical in reply to Funkyfaerie

Funkyfaerie so sorry you had a bout today :( I did too!! In fact just over an hour ago, I even thought of driving myself to hospital but with Covid I don't know what is worse :(

I'm sending you this link to see what you think. Take care xx

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Funkyfaerie in reply to Sasical

Interesting, I have a hernia, but it's not a hiatus, it's something called diastasis recti, split tummy muscle due to having a weakness there and a large baby. I have often wondered if this could be a reason for many things to do with my stomach, and even my back pain. Having said that my nerves are on edge most of the time, so my body isn't standing a chance. Some days are good though, but when I have what I call a funny turn for whatever reason it might be, I get scared, panicked and obviously that makes it worse.

I would recommend seeing a psychiatrist. There are safe and effective medications that can very possibly take away your health anxiety.

I am so similar..weird transient muscle, nerve symptoms that have suddenly become worse and long lasting (And linked to bowel movements a few times daily) but show nothing on the tests.

I actually told my doctor that I cannot differentiate anxiety symptoms from real ones and he said just come (when went with a long list of very different symptom)a nd I will tell you but now we are on telephone appointments it is difficult

. I do know I am coeliac now (after years of testing negative) and have been gluten free for 2 years, so am just hoping they are linked to some kind of autoimmunity effect....... and the gut is very closely connected to the nervous system through the vagus nerve!!!!

I have a very good doctor who insists on knowing which of my googled diseases I will have next when he gives me the all clear from one thing and will then explain the tests in detail I.e if that were so ..then I would expect this.and its not ...etc., rather than just saying they're ok.

I have just had a very bad do , think I have got rid of the anxiety symptoms but am still left with weird things.

Perhaps I should rin g him again and put myself through more tests....but I don't know which is worse!!!!

You are certainly not alone. But don't give up your job ...instead immerse yourself init and notice when you have not felt symptoms. When I do this i will then feel them from the thought but that tells me something too.

Let us know how you get on.

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Sasical in reply to GJRWS

Thank you for replying and I'm sorry you're going through the same. You are very lucky to have such a good doctor! It's interesting about your ceoliac, how did you finally get diagnosed? I'm now doing a Health Anxiety daily meditation, see if that helps. Will let you know how I go on, thank you so much

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GJRWS in reply to Sasical

A blood test came back positive for coeliac, then I had to make sure to eat gluten for a few weeks and had an endoscopy and biopsy that confirmed the diagnosis.

I’m just the same love today has been really bad really weak in my legs , worrying about my health all the time , thinking I’ve got something wrong with my brain , can’t eat just want to cry can’t carry on like this xx

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Sasical in reply to Jimmyluke55

So sorry you are having a bad time as well. Are you not getting any help for this? X

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Jimmyluke55 in reply to Sasical

Ye have councilling once every two weeks love xx

We sound much alike!

PM me! 😊

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