Sleeping Problems

Hi. I wanted to know if anyone had some good tips for sleeping well? My quality of sleep is not good most nights. I am trying to come off the last bits of Valium I've been taking but am finding I wake feeling anxious most mornings. I am also on Mirtazapine anti-depressant which does help a bit. I like the idea of trying some natural sleep aid but am not sure which one? Thanks.


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6 Replies

  • I find Bach night rescue remedy helps - esp. the spray

  • Hi there,How about trying melatonin,its a natural sleep hormone.When you dont produce enough of melatonin in your body thats what causes a lot of sleep problems. Hope this helps.

  • Where can I get that from bengal?

  • You can get them online, the ones ive used and my neice uses constantly areNatures Bounty quick dissolve melatonin.The doctor will

    prescribe them in a low dose or you can buy them in America

  • I was weaned off my benzos by switching over to Valium and then cutting that down.

    It sounds like you may be doing the same. I wake up feeling anxious every morning, but I also was anxious when on the pills as well. It is getting less intense. The first thing I had noticed was problems sleeping. That will go away. Good Luck

  • Put yourself on s strict schedule. Studies show that consistency makes better sleeping habits.

    Wake up at the same time every day,

    And go to bed at the same time every night. Clear your mind by listening to a yoga instructor on YouTube. "Yoga for panic attacks". Is a good one by Katrina Retman, she teaches you how to slow your breathing so that your heart slows down.. Which puts you to sleep!

    Sleepy time tea also helps.

    Biggest way is learning how to clear your mind. When I'm thinking about something I can't sleep.

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