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Sleeping problems and zopiclone?

I had really horrendous anxiety late last year of which I seemed to try everything to overcome it but after sertraline made me worse in just 24hours I soon learned that here is no easy cure and I have to suck it up. I feel like I've made loads of progress but struggling at the minute with a horrid tense feeling in my abdomen that seems to be constant with some days being worse than others. I have however been able to drop off to sleep without problem but tonight is a different matter. Think I'm noddin off then mins later woken with a jolt and heart races etc...I can't seem to get to sleep extremely tense with these jolting awakenings. Gp gave me zopiclone few months back only 15 tabs but didn't manage to use them at the time as that period of insomnia resolved slowly. I take 80mg mr propanalol and have looked everywhere to see if zopiclone is safe to take along side the prop. Anyone else feel like this and use zopiclone? Thanks

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Hi,I cant sleep tonight either,I take Zopiclone 7.5 MG along with a Kalms tablet early evening.Iwas told by a doctor that Zopiclone is the best thing to take to relax and sleep.I believe you need to think about it doing its job and working.Sometimes I feel myself relaxing but other times not.I have yet to go a good few hours with quality sleep but although awake now,I don't feel too anxious just a bit frustrated being still awake.I think the drugs work differently for each individual and so it is difficult to judge if they will work for you.I tell myself things could be worse and they are for some so I count myself lucky.Take care.



Sorry you are sleeping badly, know how dreadful that can make you feel, Zopiclone is helpful for a while but not for long and I wouldn't mix it with Kalms which may be seen as v mild but actually can have some powerful side effects including anxiety. I was v surprised to find that as I did not realise that until my daughter took them.

I have found that my sleeping has improved by following this programme I hope it will help you too

Bedroom kept just for tv or radio and the clock facing away from the bed so I cannot see it in the night and worry about how early it is!

Go to bed only when sleepy

If I don't go to sleep quickly get up and go into another room and read until sleepy and then back to bed

If wake up again count from 1 - 5 slowly over and over, if you are counting you cannot worry at the same time and it is boring so helps mind to let go

Some people find putting the light on and trying to stay awake helps to send them to sleep!

Remember you will not be ill if you sleep badly..

Try not to talk about your bad nights..obsessing about sleeplessness only makes it worse...

If you keep your sleeping pills just to use just now and then you will find they work much better...if you have an iPod or similar you can get Paul McKenna's sleep hypnosis cd or download works like a dream for many people! Good luck


hi there, my gp gave me zopiclone and i may as well have eaten smarties for all the help they were, my sleep pattern is still messed up, ive been awake since 10am yesterday. we are all different so they may be a help to you, i hope so, good luck and best wishes. xxx


I'll tell you my honest story I have suffered front anxiety and panic attacks alot since a young anyeayd I was out fat litres birthday and once we got drunk we ended up taking some chappy lines of coke as i hardly touch then as I thought there like but still want ahead with it went along the drugs and the partyings and that's why iv not managed to sleep for past days and got zop as the last time it gave  me fae month ago and the did 


Hi I've got bad anxiety due to me having tinitus having to take zo piclone to get to slee o, as my t is that loud I went 3month straight without any sleep it made me bad so I, had no choice but to have sleeping tabs


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