Trouble sleeping

Well I tried to get some sleep last night and I stayed awake all night it's now 12 o clock in the morning and I still can't sleep I feel like when I put my head down my heart beat is very slow when I feel my pulse but really fast in my head also I feel like my chest is pushing through my skin and it's causing me to think I am dying I struggle to breath and I am getting really scared


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  • Ok i was like you and the only thing what really helped was doing crosswords in bed until my eyes were litrally shutting. now im absolutley fine also your thinking of it i no its so hard for someone to tell you to stop worrying ive been there and done it no one helped me but myself i had it 8 years am pratically fine i have my ups n downs but apart from thT u can fight it be strong take care

  • Try drinking a night time tea before bed and really creating your room for bedtime. Warm heavy blanket with a fan to make white noize. I sometimes play ambient music on quiet. Close my eyes and focus on breathing and not thinking. I think the thing that most helped me with sleep troubles is that I told myself that I can have all the symptoms of anxiety, but sleep is something its not going to steal from me. And if i dont sleep tonight or tomorrow, I will sleep eventually. It took the fear out of it eventually.

    I havent had problems for a while, I just notice now when my anxiety is high I wake up at 5 am :/

  • Classic anxiety .. happens to the best of us . it will go away eventually . do not worry

  • Thankyou everyone

  • There are med for that I am on them

  • Please quite smoking I had to and that

    Was very hard get the patch

  • The Dr will give you something for

    That anxiety

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