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Sleeping fear?

Hi everyone. Ive had anxiety since i was 14 years old and i am now almost 21, i do not know where to begin to tell you what i go through on a day to day basis however i do have a most recent fear that has just developed and its called sleeping fear. I am almost affraid to go sleep every night dreading im not going to wake up again and i feel like its having an effect on my sleep, i just dont know what to do i feel soo dreadfull and exhausted and having little panic attacks! This is just too much for me what could i possibly do to overcome this.

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Hey ahmedkobz89 as we all know sleep it the one thing we all need and i can understand as i have very little sleep every night but mine is a bit different to what you have going on.

I have crazy Anxiety when it starts to get dark.

i am only 27 and i have been like this for 8 years it does get better over time as you start to understand your anxiety better over time.

I would say have a nice hot bath to chill you out a bit and maybe some very chilled out music. try not to add more to your mind at night like movies ect.

I have sent you a message to your message box with my skype name if you ever want to have a chat to clear you head.




Hello Ahmedkobz89, I have this exact same fear and it's drive me crazy for months! Only thing that gets me to sleep is telling myself "well it didn't happen last night or the night before or any of other times before that lol" sorry not greatest advice but believe me I've tried fighting the fear and even tried staying awake for days on end but this just makes the cycle worse!

Maybe read some if my past blogs and this may answer better for you.

Any questions please don't hesitate to ask me

Sorry for short answer but my laptop is broken at min so typing on phone and I'm not very good at it lol keeps changing my words and I can't stop it :-(



I have also had this fear as well , its terrible I no

I wait till I am reallt tired before I go to bed & then I always have something to read , this really helps me , I just read till sometimes I drop what I am reading because i have nodded of

Maybe sometimes when you are waiting to be really tired it could be the early hours before you go to bed , but if you can do it & then after a few weeks , you will start to get more confident

You can always blog on here as well or read posts as well as TV , some people that stuggle with sleeping have a tv in their bedroom & drop of watching that , i havnt done that one , but heard it works , just suggestions

Let us no how you go on





I have sleep problems but the cause is different from yours, mine due to excessive thinking and analysing everything on earth.

I go to the gym to tire myself up then spa to relax, watch tv, then do light reading in bed .Be careful not to read something that provokes your thinking before going to bed. This works for most of the time but not always especially if i'm really tied up in my mind. but falling asleep can be difficult but at least i do get few hours.

You can also ask gp to prescribe some medication for sleeping meanwhile you r sorting other things out. .

All the best


I got scared of sleep for a while, not for fear of not waking up though. I was scared that I wouldn't be able to sleep(have had sleep problems all my life) and was worried about being up all night and being so tired in the morning I wouldn't be able to do things that I wanted/ do school work properly. I got really worked up about it was really afraid to go to sleep, it did pass after a while but I still couldn't sleep cause of the anxiety so therapist gave me melatonin which has really worked for me, worth a try x


Hi Ahmed,

When my anxiety first got really bad this was how it manifested itself. Nighttime turned into a horror show. I was obsessed by thoughts of dying, of life threatening disasters occuring during the night. I couldn't get to sleep. If I looked like drifting off my body woke me up with huge panic attacks. If I did go to sleep I had such horrific nightmares I never wanted to go to sleep again. This is over twenty years ago, Ahmed and I still remember it like it happened last night. I was such a profound experience for me.

The good news is it went away. Alone and without treatment it ran it's course and petered out. I still have little patches of it, especially if I've been overdoing it but nothing like it was. With the correct help I'm sure it would have been gone much sooner. You need to go and see your doctor and explain how bad it is. Do not hold back. Let them know how bad it is and how much it is affecting you. In the meantime try to relax as much as you can. Follow PB's advice and keep repeating you have always been ok before. Look online for relaxation techniques and especially breathing exercises that you can use to calm yourself. Read some of the older posts on here as there is a lot of helpful information and you'll feel less alone. Try putting the radio on. It helped me to know there was someone else awake in the night.

If all this fails - get up!!!! There is nothing worse than lying there in the dark fighting with it.

I hope you feel better soon.

Oh and welcome to the site :)

Best Wishes,



I suffer from this too all the time I just keep thinking its only a matter of time it's realy scary but when your busy you feel fine but when your not your mind wonders anyone want to share there physical symtoms they have been having be a great help to no it's not just me!


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