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Arachnophobia and Fear of Sleeping Alone


I have arachnophobia which seems to be getting worse everyday. I check the corners of my room every two seconds to see if any spiders are there, and if some are I completely freak out.

A few weeks ago, I saw a big spider in my bedroom at around 11pm and I just cried on my bed, shaking for hours and eventually cried myself to sleep at around 4am.

Yesterday, I saw three spiders in the space of an hour in my room and completely broke down and was crying uncontrollably, shaking and feeling completely pathetic and hopeless for a while. I refused to sleep in my room afterwards.

I just have this intense feeling of worry and fear all the time and I'm on the verge of tears for most of the day and night when I'm awake.

Also, I've slept in the same room as my sister all my life, and now that she's moving to university, I can't sleep at night and I feel even more fear because I'm up at night alone and no one will be there to make it all go away.

My doctor said if it got worse, I should go back to her and she'd refer me to someone, but my dad says I don't need some therapist and I can just kill the spiders with a book, but he doesn't understand how deathly afraid of them I am.

The fear is keeping me up at night, and I feel as though if I turned the light off, then I would be even more defenseless, so I sleep more in the day time - which will obviously be a huge problem when I go to college in September.

What can I do about any of this? I don't want to feel this defenseless and pathetic for the rest of my life. How can I make it go away?

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Aww poor you, you certainly have a fear of spiders, and I would do as your G.P. asked, go back and be referred to a therapist.

I know, you know, that the spiders can't hurt you, but can you tell me what you are afraid of? Is it no knowing where they are? I have never known spiders to crawl on you, they just run around the room.

Sorry I can't be of any help, but you need your sleep at night. xx


Its just the thought of being alone in a room with spiders that terrifies me completely. I do fear them whilst I'm around other people too, but when I'm alone I am absolutely terrified.

Now, I feel pathetic because even the thought of staying in that room again fills me with fear and I don't think I'll be able to stay in there for a while :/ xx

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So sorry you're going through all this, very difficult when other family members don't understand.

Just please keep repeating to yourself that spiders are much more frightened of you than you are

of them - and as Ecinue said, they can't hurt you.




I am sorry I can't be of further help, but try and get some outside help, I used to work where there were a few spiders, and most of the girls were scared and the guys usually come to the rescue, just throwing them outside, never killing them as they to have their uses.

Your not pathetic at all this is a real fear for you.

Eunice xx


That's exactly what i'm going thru right now! i'm extremely tired from the fear and anxieties with the sleepless nights.

Does anyone recommend therapy ?.

Do spiders crawl on you while your sleeping or in your mouth?

Please can anyone help?

Harley x

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