Could it be something else??

I'm starting to wonder if my problems are really anxiety or could be something else. I feel uneasy, nauseated, my vision is sometimes blurred or jumpy. My chest and arms feel funny. Sometimes they tingle and sometimes they get this strange cold/burning sensation. I feel like i can't balance properly. Recently I have started to feel like there is a lot of pressure in my head around my temples. I have a vitamin D problem and take a supplement daily. I also take Paxil and klonopin on an as needed basis. Could this be from anxiety or could something else be wrong??


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  • sounds an awful lot like my symptoms. So yes.. it is anxiety and each and every one of those issues are anxiety related unfortunately. Although if you think something else is up see your doc and get some tests done to put your mind at ease.

  • How do you deal with this?? I've had anxiety issues on and off for years but since the birth of my last baby (9 months ago) I seem to have some sort of problem almost every day.

  • I'm having a really hard time myself. It got to the point where I had to leave my full time job and work part time in a different field. Excersize and vitamins are really important. Medication and counselling also may be a really big help for some. Im terrified of medication but I'm trying to take better care of myself and I deal with my symptoms as they come. Day by day. Don't let them scare you there's a massive list of symptoms Thad come with anxiety

  • Hi. You dont mention having any kind of tests done, so maybe you should ask your doctor about that. If you already had tests and nothing is showing then yes it is anxiety. Both your medications are used in the control of panic attacks and anxiety disorder, which indicates that you already have a diagnosis of anxiety disorder. It might be the medication level needs to be looked at in case it is causing your side effects. I would speak with the doctor about it if I were you. I wish you well.

  • I've had a full panel of blood work done twice this year and both times everything was normal except my vitamin d. My doctor says all my symptoms are anxiety but I really don't know what would cause it. I feel fine with my life...I don't feel that I have anything to be anxious why do I feel this way and why do I have panic attacks?

  • Panic attacks happen on two levels. There is the 'trigger' - possibly the memory of an event of great emotional import, which you may not even clearly remember. Other possible factors include health anxiety sensitivity, social and environmental stressors and possible genetic inheritance.That emotional trigger leads to a physical response in the brain - the release of adrenaline, which will force you into the 'fight or flight' mode we often hear about. This has physical consequences such as rapid breathing, sweating, racing heart beat and feelings of fear. If you control your breathing correctly and relax as much as possible during this time then you should be able to get through the 20 minutes or so that an attack usually lasts.

    Medication as an intervention is useful in the short term for some people - it helps to calm them. It is my belief that therapy holds rhe best solution and, in fact, has, demonstrably, the highest success rate.

  • I have pretty much the same symtoms. I go a few months and feel fine but the slightest upset in my life and back it comes. Ive had pressure headache for four weeks now grrrr

  • I have had the very same symptoms off and on, sometimes its the pressure around my temple, sometime its the shaky hands, sometimes its the dizziness and blurry vision, sometimes its heart palpitations and chest pain...anxiety causes a whole variety of symptoms.. i've had almost every one of them. Its terrible

  • It's horrible. Today I have weird vision and my head feels funny. So of course I freak out about the weird vision and send myself into a full blown panic attack. I hate to go see my doctor again because I feel like he thinks I'm crazy and he acts like there is nothing he can do other than give me paxil and klonopin and send me on my way :-/

  • I know my vitamin D is very low, my iron is also low and so is my B12. The iron and B12 aren't as bad as my vit D. I've been taking 5,000 units of D3 for 6 months and only went from a 3 to a 26 in my blood work

  • My family has a history of thyroid problems so I get a complete check twice a year and its always perfect....go figure that lol!! Recently I have had some stomach issues so I have thought about that! It would make sense!

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